MRP Ribbon Coil 27.5" Fork 160mm - 44mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black

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Description of MRP Ribbon Coil 27.5" Fork 160mm - 44mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black

Versatile enduro coil spring fork with large adjustment range!

Discerning riders have long sworn by the performance, durability, and consistency of coil suspension.
While the industry moved away from coil springs in favor of air for its light weight and simple, broad tunability, these coil aficionados dreamt of a fork that combines coil’s advantages with the latest in chassis and damper technology. MRP delivers just that with the Ribbon Coil.

The Ribbon Coil gives you the spring tunability and stroke control previously found only with air, while giving you the supple linear spring curve, lower friction, longer service life and consistent feel that you get with a coil spring.
This, in a package with a negligible or even nonexistent weight penalty over air forks in its class.
Every Ribbon Coil ships with three standard spring rates (soft, medium, and firm) and two additional springs (extrasoft and extra-firm) are available separately. The full range of springs covers riders from 125-250 lbs (56.7 - 113.4 kg). Fine-tuning of spring rate comes courtesy of an external preload adjustment. The 27.5" coil version is just 200 g heavier than the air-sprung 27.5 inch Ribbon.
The Ribbon's stout 35mm stanchions slide effortlessly on anti-friction treated wiper seals and slotted Norglide bushings. Also the appearance of the Ribbon stands out from the crowd by the Outcast™ arch design with forward-facing weight reliefs to mitigate mud build up - as mud and dirt are mainly thrown against the arch from behind. The chassis stiffness is supported by a proprietary through-axle called QtapeR with Boost spacing. On the lever side the axle has a conical tapered washer, and there is also tapering at the female threaded dropout. The idea is that this helps prevent lower leg twist, which can bind with the uppers.
The high performing coil spring is paired with the EssenTTial™ twin-tube, bladder-free damper that is utilizing a low-pressure IFP. Last but not least the developers has add PSST™ pressure-relief valves that quickly and easily bleed off excess pressure in the lowers caused by elevation and temperature changes.

Ramp Control

The Ramp Control unit is located within the air spring assembly, and adjusted via a 16-position knob on the top of the fork leg. Ramp Control gives you the ability to adjust, on-the-fly, the air spring's ending-stroke curve. Part high-speed compression damping, part bottom-out control, Ramp Control is completely independent of your damper or air spring pressure settings. All MRP forks feature super-supple small-bump compliance, but with Ramp Control you can set your fork up to be super plush but still resist bottoming. Cadillac-plushness not your thing? Dial back the Ramp Control and up your pressure to enjoy a more linear fork that rides high but uses every inch of travel effectively.


As you turn the dial clockwise, you are adding compression damping or slowing the forks compression stroke. It is an adjustment that is subtle, and often overlooked, but can make a big difference in how your fork performs. Aggressive riders tend to like more compression damping because it provides a firmer, more positive feel. Comfort oriented, less aggressive riders tend to like less because it allows more small bump sensitivity. Do not confuse compression damping with spring rate (air pressure). They are very different adjustments, and while adding compression damping may make the fork feel "stiffer", it is not changing the spring rate.
In the eighth, final position of the compression adjustment range MRP's patented magnetic valving provides a highly-damped, supported feel perfect for smooth trails, road stretches and transfer stages. Should you encounter any rough patches however, the magnetic valving will "blow-off" and allow the fork to cycle and your front wheel to track.


QtapeR combines the simple functionality of a quick-release with the stiffness, control, and security of a through-axle.
The "taper" in QtapeR comes from the tapered, conical interface found in the dropouts that mate to the wedges found on the axle mechanism. In contrast to quick-release through-axles that simply pinch the hub between the dropouts, the QtapeR axle's wedges drive into the conical dropouts and expand with the closure of the axle cam - effectively mating the axle, dropout, and hub in harmony. For those familiar with pinch-bolt through axles, the QtapeR works essentially the same way - but with no tools needed.
Included in delivery: incl. 15x110 mm Boost thru-axle, Soft, Medium, Firm spring kit
Material: lower legs: magnesium
Weight supplement: manufacturer information
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Fact Sheet of MRP Ribbon Coil 27.5" Fork 160mm - 44mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black

Product Name: MRP Ribbon Coil 27.5" Fork 160mm - 44mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black
Manufacturer: MRP
Item Code: MRP423101
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: MTB, Enduro
brake type: Disc Brake
wheel size: 27,5" / 650B (584mm)
travel fork: 160
axle standard: 15x110 Boost (FW)
air/coil spring: with metal spring
fork/shock adjustability: Coil spring rate, Coil preload, Low speed compression, Low speed rebound
fork length (axle to crown): 552mm
stanchion diameter: 35mm
suspension: Coil spring
damping: EssenTTial™ twin-tube low speed damper, bladder-free damper utilizing a low-pressure IFP.
fork offset: 44mm
max tire width: 66mm
steerer diameter: 1 1/8"-1 1/2" tapered
shaft length: 265mm
disc brake mount: PM (7") 180mm, Postmount
max. disc diameter: 203mm
steerer material: Aluminium
Model year: 2020
fork construction: classic
weight: 2080g
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