ZIPP Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar

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Description of ZIPP Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar

ALL ROADS POINT TO THE NEED FOR GREATER COMFORT AND CONTROL. Zipp’s answer—true to their fit-first philosophy for handlebar design—is an innovative new all-road bar available in two alloy models, the Service Course SL-70 XPLR and Service Course 70 XPLR. The bar’s moniker, XPLR, exemplifies the desire to explore the world with an expanded definition of cycling on a drop bar bicycle… from paved roads onto gravel, mud, dirt, and even single track.

Highlights of the ZIPP Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar:

  • 40, 42, 44, 46cm
  • 70mm Reach / 115mm Drop
  • 5° Flare / 11° Outsweep
  • Ergonomic top with 3° backsweep
  • 100mm clamping area on top of bar
  • Di2 bar end junction compatible
  • 260g ±5% (42cm)

Further Details of ZIPP Service Course SL-70 XPLR:

The lighter Service Course SL-70XPLR help you go faster by placing your body, starting with your hands, in an optimal “comfort zone” position for hours of rough riding over mixed terrain. Today’s riders demand a few things out of their cockpit, whether they are doing a two hour training ride from home or a 200+-mile gravel adventure: comfort, control, and the ability to carry what they need. Zipp met these needs by creating a bar with shallow and wide drops, specifically focusing on two crucial metrics—outsweep and flare.

  • Outsweep is created by rotating the drop below the brake perch outward.
  • Flare is created by rotating the entire drop above the brake perch outward.

On a modern all-road bike a highly flared bar causes the brake hoods to be laid over toward their sides, creating ergonomic issues when riding on the brake hoods. Zipp’s design team sought to develop a new-generation all-road bar for the hoods-dominant position favored by riders today, with the drops optimized for control in high-speed gnarly situations when the hammer drops.

After extensive research and testing, the ZIPP design team pinpointed a drop design with an ideal 5° flare and 11° outsweep. The bar’s drop shape features the popular 70mm reach, but the drop is a shallower 115mm. This archives modern fit ideals for all road bikes with the drops a little higher and wider than on a pavement only setup.

The result is improved comfort and control—a position that enables you to have your best ride, whether the ride is one hour or 12.

Here’s how:

  • With hands on brake hoods, wrists remain in a neutral position for comfort. This is ideal for riders, who’ve long favored this as their dominant hand position.
  • Bar drops provide a wider, balanced, and secure position with drops that are about 6cm wider than the hoods position for technical or intense riding.

The benefits get real when things get technical. The design helps center your weight on the bike so you can more deftly navigate the road or trail.

For example, when you are riding downhill toward a sandy, gravelly creek bed, you need to be in the right position to get through that obstacle while holding enough speed to get up the hill on the other side. A correctly designed bar provides ergonomically optimal access to the brakes and shifters from either the drops or hoods to deliver the required control.

The 70 XPLR also features an ergonomic top with an extended 100mm clamping area for computer mounts, aero-extensions, bags, and whatever else you may need for the long haul.
Material: aluminum
Weight supplement: ±5% | at 42cm width | manufacturer information
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (4)

Fact Sheet of ZIPP Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar

Product Name: ZIPP Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar
Manufacturer: ZIPP
Item Code: ZIP447281
activity: Bike
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Road Bike
clamp diameter: 31,7 / 31,8mm
style road: Road handle bars
dropbar shape: Drop < 130mm (compact), Reach < 80mm, Ergo (Curve with alternating radius), Flattened Center section (Aero), Center section with Backsweep, Flare / bent out Drops, Clip-On compatible
bar width: 400mm, 420mm, 440mm, 460mm
drop: 115mm
bar reach: 70mm
drop outward bend: 11°
Model year: 2020
Color: Black
weight: 260g
manufacturer item code: 00.6618.147.000 | 00.6618.147.001 | 00.6618.147.002 | 00.6618.147.003
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (4)
Selection: ZIPP Service Course SL-70 XPLR Handlebar
Still 1 in stock in stock, delivery time 2-4 weeks Width 42cm
Still 1 in stock in stock, delivery time 2-4 weeks Width 44cm
Still 2 in stock in stock, delivery time 2-4 weeks Width 46cm
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (4)


(4 Ratings)
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Customer Reviews
Fährt sich sehr angenehm. Die Abflachung des Rohrs für die innere Griffposition ist nach meinem Geschmack genau richtig, man kommt schön mit dem Daumen unten rum, oder kann die ganze Hand oben auflegen. Die 11° Outsweep sind nach kurzer Gewöhnung echt prima. Die Skala an den Seiten ist recht praktisch, dürfte aber etwas mehr unterteilt sein.
no comment
Habe diesen Lenker anstatt des Venturemax nun verbaut, da mir dort der Flare zu groß war.
Ebenso flext der ZIPP ein wenig, was ihn sehr komfortabel macht.
Schöner, komfortabler Lenker für mich. Mit 168 habe ich den 42 cm breiten Lenker seit September 19 an mein Gravel Bike. Hatte vorher den Salsa Cowbell der mir am Untergriff zu ausladend war.
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