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Zoggs Centre Line Snorkel - orange

Zoggs Centre Line Snorkel - orange

The Zoggs Centre Line Snorkel is a practical swim training device that allows you to focus on perfecting your arm stroke without having to turn your head to breathe.

With a swim snorkel, you can focus on your body position in the water because you don't have to move your head to breathe. You can align your head and spine and keep the lower part of your body higher in the water.

By not having to look away to breathe, you can watch your hand position as it enters the water and correct if necessary. Designed not to interfere with your goggles, the adjustable head mount offers a secure fit and a reinforced split strap for comfort. The snorkel comes with a nose clip and angled Vylux mouthpiece for superior comfort, encouraging you to focus on your arm pull instead of turning for your next breath.

Fact Sheet of Zoggs Centre Line Snorkel - orange

Product Name: Zoggs Centre Line Snorkel - orange
Manufacturer: Zoggs
Item Code: ZOG519913
activity: Swim
Swim training products: Snorkel Set
Model year: 2023
Collection: Autumn/Winter
Color: Black, Orange
weight: 400g