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Pally'Hi Classic Peak Logo Longsleeve Shirt - heather moss

Pally'Hi Classic Peak Logo Longsleeve Shirt - heather moss

Going hiking on Sunday, or just a leisurely breakfast visit to your favorite coffee bar? The merino bamboo material of the CLASSIC PEAK LOGO longsleeve offers as much fashion style as function. Therefore, it's more likely to be Saturday night's aftershocks that will define the scope of Sunday's adventure.

Highlights of the long sleeve shirt

  • Odorless
  • No itching and scratching
  • Temperature regulation
  • Elastic
  • Natural UV protection
  • More durable than pure merino wool
  • Easy care
  • Renewable materials (natural fibers)

Further information

Merino Bamboo

Airier with a cooler feel compared to pure merino fabrics, with good moisture-absorbing and antibacterial properties and silky soft surface. Bamboo also improves the stability of the fabric at the same material thickness compared to 100% merino fabrics.

Merino Tech


The outstanding ability of merino wool to absorb moisture and transport sweat away from the body gives bacteria no time at all to develop an unpleasant odor. When viewed under a microscope, the surface of merino fibers is uneven, making it even more difficult for bacteria to take hold.

Soft premium fiber

Merino wool is soft. Due to the fine fibers and their elasticity, it does not scratch. The natural elasticity keeps the products in shape even during sports. After washing, the clothes are almost wrinkle-free without ironing, whereas a cotton shirt simply looks sloppy without ironing. The natural protection against harmful UV rays makes merino wool the perfect material for outdoor clothing.

Perfect climate control

The fine merino fibers trap air in the fabric due to their crimped structure. The trapped air provides excellent insulation against cold in extreme weather. The crimped wool fiber transports sweat and water vapor away from the body into the fabric. From there, the moisture can evaporate and provides a cooling effect between the skin and the fabric. The cooling effect becomes stronger the warmer it is or the more you sweat. These two characteristics of merino wool serve as the body's perfect air conditioning system.

Renewable & easy to care for

Within a year, the merino sheep's coat has completely renewed itself, making the fiber 100% renewable as a raw material. Oil is a finite resource as are the synthetic fibers made from it. Pally'His merino garments can be machine washed with regular detergent. The ease of care and cleaning make Pally'Hi perfect for modern living.


The extracted bamboo-based yarn that is woven or knitted into blended fibers has excellent moisture-wicking properties, is extremely breathable, has an extremely soft surface, and even ends up being easy to recycle. Combining bamboo with merino wool results in a soft, yet sturdier fabric that drapes loosely and feels slightly cool to the touch. It offers great outdoor functionality and is ideal to wear all year round.

Material 60% wool, 40% viscose

Fact Sheet of Pally'Hi Classic Peak Logo Longsleeve Shirt - heather moss

Product Name: Pally'Hi Classic Peak Logo Longsleeve Shirt - heather moss
Manufacturer: Pally'Hi
Item Code: PAL541801
Material: 60% wool, 40% viscose
activity: Outdoor, Leisure
gender: men
textile fabric: Merino, Synthetics, Wool
season: Summer, Winter, Spring/Autumn
fit: regular
sleeves: Long sleeve
upper clothing style: Long & 3/4 Sleeve Shirts
Model year: 2022
Collection: Autumn/Winter
Color: Green
weight: 205g


In the following tables you will find information on the dress sizes of the manufacturer .

Category: Outerwear / Pants



International S M L XL XXL
Germany 46 48 / 50 52 54 56
A. body height (cm) 177 178 181 184 186
B. chest (cm) 90.5 98.5 106.5 114.5 122.5
C. waist (cm) 77.5 84.5 91.5 98.5 105.5
D. hips (cm) 93.5 100 106.5 113 119.5

International S Germany 46

A. body height (cm) 177
B. chest (cm) 90.5
C. waist (cm) 77.5
D. hips (cm) 93.5

International M Germany 48 / 50

A. body height (cm) 178
B. chest (cm) 98.5
C. waist (cm) 84.5
D. hips (cm) 100

International L Germany 52

A. body height (cm) 181
B. chest (cm) 106.5
C. waist (cm) 91.5
D. hips (cm) 106.5

International XL Germany 54

A. body height (cm) 184
B. chest (cm) 114.5
C. waist (cm) 98.5
D. hips (cm) 113

International XXL Germany 56

A. body height (cm) 186
B. chest (cm) 122.5
C. waist (cm) 105.5
D. hips (cm) 119.5


International XS S M L XL
Germany 34 36 38 / 40 42 44
A. body height (cm) 167 168 169 170 171
B. chest (cm) 82 88 94 100 107
C. waist (cm) 64 70 76 82 89
D. hips (cm) 90 96 102 107 113

International XS Germany 34

A. body height (cm) 167
B. chest (cm) 82
C. waist (cm) 64
D. hips (cm) 90

International S Germany 36

A. body height (cm) 168
B. chest (cm) 88
C. waist (cm) 70
D. hips (cm) 96

International M Germany 38 / 40

A. body height (cm) 169
B. chest (cm) 94
C. waist (cm) 76
D. hips (cm) 102

International L Germany 42

A. body height (cm) 170
B. chest (cm) 100
C. waist (cm) 82
D. hips (cm) 107

International XL Germany 44

A. body height (cm) 171
B. chest (cm) 107
C. waist (cm) 89
D. hips (cm) 113