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Nordisk Titanium V-Peg Tent Peg 15g - 2 Pcs.

Nordisk Titanium V-Peg Tent Peg 15g - 2 Pcs.

The 15 gram Nordisk Titanium V-Peg is extremely durable and designed to provide maximum strength with the least possible weight. Designed in the classic V-shape, but equipped with additional holes to reduce weight, it provides a firm grip, allowing it to withstand even very high tension and stormy weather conditions. The choice for titanium and the wide V-shape provide additional strength and give the peg an even stronger grip. Last but not least, the V-shape combined with the thin titanium surface provides the ability to literally cut through smaller roots, making the tent peg especially suitable for use in areas rich in vegetation, such as forests and meadows.


Features of the Nordisk Titanium V-Shape Tent Peg

  • Exclusive titanium design
  • Ultralight V-shape
  • Great weight to performance ratio
  • Extra wide blades for stronger grip
  • Extremely sturdy design
  • Easily penetrates different soils
  • Guy line attachment for easy extraction
  • Extra holes for lighter weight
  • Sharp enough to cut through roots etc.
  • Set of 2 pegs
  • Length: 165 mm

Fact Sheet of Nordisk Titanium V-Peg Tent Peg 15g - 2 Pcs.

Product Name: Nordisk Titanium V-Peg Tent Peg 15g - 2 Pcs.
Manufacturer: Nordisk
Item Code: NRD581919
activity: Outdoor
material: Titanium
Accessories for Tents & Camping: Pegs
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Metallic
weight: 30g
Weight Source: Manufacturer