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Care Plus Mosquito Net - Wedge Durallin Impregnated

Care Plus Mosquito Net - Wedge Durallin Impregnated

Stinging insects not only disturb the sleep, but can also transmit several diseases such as malaria or dengue fever. For travel to malarious areas, we recommend an impregnated mosquito net. Most (malaria) mosquitoes are active between sunset and sunrise, so that the impregnated net should be hung up before sunset in a well-ventilated area.

Long lasting Durallin® Impregnated

This Lightweight net is Long-Lasting Impregnated (LLI) and suitable for areas with a malaria risk. The Lightweight nets are 50% lighter than regular nets, and ideal for the world traveller. The standard nets are woven in a hexagonal honeycomb mesh pattern. The Lightweight nets use a rhombus mesh pattern that uses less material than the standard net, while still keeping a stable form.

The supplied attachment kit, consisting of string, attachment hooks, nails, and safety pins, makes any mosquito net easy to hang up. The net will have one or four attachment points, depending on the type of net. The Pop-Up Dome has no attachment points, and unfolds automatically. Above the bed, install an attachment point or span a horizontal wire to which the net can be attached.

Mesh size: 156/inch². Yarn thickness: 75 denier
Weight supplement: manufacturer's information

Fact Sheet of Care Plus Mosquito Net - Wedge Durallin Impregnated

Product Name: Care Plus Mosquito Net - Wedge Durallin Impregnated
Manufacturer: Care Plus
Item Code: CPL196407
activity: Outdoor
dimensions (l/w/h): 2100/1000/1200mm
packing size (l/w/h): 160/100/100mm
tent / tarp / hammock purpose: Trekking, Camping, Bicycle tour
Number of persons: 1
tent / tarp / hammock accessories: Insect Protection
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 300g
Weight Source: Manufacturer