Food Information

Food Information for "Trek'N Eat Salmon Pesto with Pasta"

List of Ingredients: Pasta [(66%), durum wheat semolina, egg white, salt], processed cheese powder (cheese, melting salt: trisodium phosphate; whey powder), ricotta, lactose, tomatoes, almonds, 2% salmon pieces (salmon, table salt, antioxidant: rosemary extract), table salt, onions, garlic, palm oil, thickener: guar gum; basil, spices, milk protein

Allergens: eggs, fish, with gluten, lactose, milk, shelled fruits
Nutritional Information: Average nutritional values per 100 g dried product:
calorific value in kJ / kcal: 1685 / 399
fat: 10,9 g
- of which saturated fatty acid: 5,5 g
carbohydrates: 57,0 g
- of which sugar: 8,1 g
fibre: 3,4 g
protein: 16,8 g
salt: 2,9 g