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Brooks England – Your Bike Saddle for Life

When people talk about a classic leather saddle, they often mean a saddle from Brooks England. Brooks is the epitome of traditionally made saddles. They meet the highest quality standards and represent durability and comfort. A Brooks England bicycle saddle is a purchase for life. It doesn’t matter whether you are after a classic leather saddle or a modern vegan version, as Brooks has saddles in its range made from vulcanised natural rubber with the Cambium series.

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The Brooks Saddle – How a Coincidence Created the Legend

Everyone knows Brooks England saddles. They are the epitome of the classic leather saddle. No wonder: Brooks saddles have been leaving English production lines since 1866. That was when young John Boultbee Brooks set off for the big city. He wanted to get a job there in leather processing and make bridles for horse riding. He scraped together all his savings and set off for Birmingham.

Once there, disaster struck: Brook's horse died shortly after his arrival. As he had no money for a new one, he accepted a friend's offer and borrowed his bicycle. He had no idea that this loan would change his entire life.

On his first rides on ‘his’ new bike, Brooks quickly realised that it was anything but comfortable. No wonder: His saddle was – as was usual at that time – a kind of wooden block and extremely hard. Brooks was not just going to sit there and take it. His horse’s saddle was more to his taste. He started tinkering with a similar seating experience for bicycles. We all know the result: it was the birth of the Brooks saddle.

Brooks Saddles Today: Tradition Meets Modernity

In fact, there are few companies that operate quite as traditionally as Brooks. The same saddle models have been produced with the same machines for decades. A good example is the Brooks B17. It was introduced in the 1890s and has hardly changed since.

In addition to the classic Brooks leather saddle, Brooks also has ultra-modern saddles in its range. They go by the name Brooks Cambium. Cambium saddles are just as robust and easy to care for as the leather saddles. They are made from vulcanised natural rubber. Perfect for those who prefer a vegan saddle.

Built for a Lifetime: Brooks Leather Saddles

When you buy a Brooks saddle, it's a purchase for life. It's not a myth that you have to break in a Brooks saddle first. It takes a while for the saddle and rider to adjust to each other. Once that happens, you'll never want to ride another saddle!
You don't have to: Brooks saddles are designed to last a lifetime of cycling. They are robust, comfortable and they develop an incredibly beautiful patina over the years. The older a Brooks leather saddle gets, the more charm it has. It's not for nothing that Brooks England gives a full ten-year guarantee on its leather saddles. By the way, the modern Cambium saddles have similar characteristics. Like their leather counterparts, they are virtually maintenance-free and protected from rain and dirt. Your Cambium saddle also ages with charm and will stay with you on your travels longer than the bike it is mounted on.

Are There Brooks Saddles for Women?

Brooks England does not offer special saddles for women. Instead, there are saddles in many different sizes, with or without recesses to relieve pressure in the genital area. The modern Cambium saddles are available in different lengths and widths. The right sizes are therefore on offer for men and women.

Brooks England Bags etc. – What Other Products Are Available from the English Company?

Although Brooks England upholds traditions, time has not stood still. Today, Brooks belongs to the Italian company Selle Royal and is broadly positioned with many new products. So Brooks can offer a wide range of products today:

  • the Brooks England bike bag (for example, urban lifestyle and full frame bags or the Brooks England backpack)
  • grips and bar tape
  • all kinds of accessories from leather belts to mini-tools, bike baskets to care products for the bike.