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Burley Bike Trailers - Komfortabel und sicher auf jeder Fahrt

Do you like to enjoy the great outdoors and bring the whole family with you? Then a Burley bike trailer is the perfect choice for you. Whether you want to bring your children or your four-legged friend, the convenient Burley hitch system ensures you can safely connect your bike to the bicycle trailer. And you can easily carry out any small repairs yourself, because Burley spare parts are easy to re-order. Become a transport pro now with Burley!

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Burley – Bike Trailers with a Long Tradition

A passion for cycling led to the creation of Burley bike trailers, which grew from Burley Bike Bags. The search for a new, cycling-friendly home eventually led company founder Alan Scholz from Fargo, North Dakota to Eugene, Oregon. The company owes its name to his wife, Beverly. The couple started out selling homemade panniers at the weekly market in Eugene. The two already led an eco-conscious lifestyle in the 1970s, with no car. Looking for an alternative way to bring his goods to the weekly market, he came up with the idea of building a bicycle trailer out of an old garden swing seat. This caused quite a sensation out and about, and the first orders soon started coming in. Burley quickly established itself on the market and has enjoyed a first-class reputation ever since. In 2006, the company was sold to Michael Coughlin, who continues the company vision: namely, to inspire people to pursue their joy for nature.

Burley Bike Trailers for Kids

If you want to pass on your passion for cycling to your children, you can't start early enough. The Burley Solo bike trailer is perfect if you want to take one child with you. However, there are also models for carrying 2 children. The Cub X is the luxury version: designed for daily use, it offers the most comfortable seating possible. This is ensured by the backrest’s 3 tilt angles and adjustable suspension. The seat cushion comes with a headrest that guarantees a comfortable sitting position even if your little one falls asleep. It can be converted into a practical jogging buggy in just a few easy steps. Safety is a top priority for Burley trailers. The following features come as standard for all Burley trailers, such as the Burley Honey Bee bike trailer and the Burley Cub bike trailer:

  • Ready to Bike concept: includes Burley trailer hitch, tow arm and safety flag
  • Designed and tested to STM F1975-09 safety standards
  • Five-point harness system
  • Aluminium roll cage provides high level of protection in any accident
  • Heat-treated aluminium frame tubes and hinges
  • Hammock-style seats provides passive suspension for riding comfort
  • Steel hitch included
  • Water-resistant 600D polyester cover and seat fabric
  • Side battens create barrier between wheels and passenger
  • High safety standards: reflective material and additional reflectors
  • Windows are UV-protected with protection rating UPF 30
  • Generous cargo storage

Comfortable Cargo Transportation

Burley’s high-quality cargo trailers let you can transport a wide variety of equipment. A cargo trailer is practical for longer bicycle tours, for example. A sleeping bag, mat, tools and provisions can be stored in the trailer. For holidays and sporty rides, the models with only one tire are perfect. They follow your bike easily and can also make tight turns. Models with 2 wheels like the Flatbed are best suited for larger cargos. The robust models let you carry loads of up to 45 kg. Burley cargo trailers are made from high-quality components. You can easily reorder Burley bicycle trailer spare parts, plus:

  • Many models are foldable and can be stowed away to save space.
  • Frame and hinges are made of anodised aluminium.
  • Tarpaulin made of water-repellent material.
  • Safety reflectors

Burley Dog Trailers

These robust bicycle trailers for dogs let you bring your four-legged darling with you on every ride. An anti-tip body guarantees safety during the ride. In the models for pets, the centre of gravity is set low and the axle is positioned at the rear. The windows are made of tear-resistant material and give your dog a good all-round view. Reflectors, a safety flag and a drawbar with forged Burley hitch come as standard.

A bicycle trailer makes every trip to the great outdoors with your family even more fun. As the Burley bike trailer folds down, you can also take it in the car. You can easily buy accessories such as Burley spare parts, Burley quick release skewers or a Burley trailer thru axle.