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CEP - True Compression since 1951

The sports brand CEP stands for innovative, high-quality product concepts in which medical knowledge is used to increase athletic performance and maintain health. CEP is known for its compression socks optimized for running and offers a wide range of socks, high-tech functional clothing and the Ortho bandage concept.

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CEP – The intelligent Sportswear

In medicine, the effect of compression has long been beneficial. However, endurance athletes can also profit from what patients benefit from. The parent company of CEP and the basis of its current success is medi GmbH, which has been producing medical compression stockings since 1951. The company CEP was founded in 2007 with the aim of transferring medical technology to sports products. When in the same year Timo Bracht set a new course record in white CEP knee socks at the Ironman in Frankfurt, CEP was sold out in many places the next day. Since then, a lot has moved in the CEP portfolio. In 2010, Running Compression Shorts were launched on the market as the first compression shorts for runners. In 2013, the range has been also be expanded with the Short Socks.

Sportswear "made in Germany" by CEP for Women and Men

The CEP products manufactured in German production facilities convince professional athletes and amateurs worldwide. Only selected materials are used and the workmanship is subject to high quality standards and is based on medical manufacturing techniques. This guarantees that the products will last for many years under daily use. To ensure that the socks, stockings, shirts, shorts and sleeves fit perfectly, they are adapted to the individual sports as well as the different physiques of women and men. The clothing sits like a second skin and prevents blistering and chafing in motion-intensive sports. This allows the athlete to concentrate fully on his goal and set new personal records.

CEP - Compression apparel "made in Germany" for Women and Men

Advantages of Compression Apparel for Endurance Athletes

Hard training can lead to cramps and muscular injuries. The compression pressure increases the blood circulation and improves the oxygen and nutrient uptake of the muscles. This has a positive effect on injury prevention as well as strength and performance. Furthermore, the compression stimulates the skin receptors and thus improves the basic muscle tension; the sensation of position is improved and thus also the self-stabilisation of joints.
CEP products are ideally suited for:
Endurance athletes, mountaineers, fitness, runners, track and field athletes, cyclists, trail runners, trekking athletes, triathletes, hikers, athletes.

CEP - Hiking


After training is before training. Regeneration is a key factor for personal best performance in both competitive and mass sports. Correctly dosed pressure promotes blood circulation and helps to break down "waste products" more quickly. The result? Less muscle soreness, no tired legs and faster energy for the next workout. CEP's new Recovery Pro Tight can be worn comfortably underneath in everyday life and makes you fit again quickly.
And by the way: CEP's regeneration products are the perfect companion for long journeys.

CEP – Recovery