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Crono Cycling Shoes – Italian Craftsmanship for Riders Everywhere

Crono is one of the world’s finest manufacturers of cycling shoes. The company was founded in 1973 by Giancarlo Stocco, but it really made its mark in the 1980s, when cyclists and triathletes like Timo Bracht embraced the brand’s shoes. Crono cycling shoes developed a reputation for comfort and resilience, leading many cycling teams to add them to their kit. Nowadays, the company offers plenty of styles and models for everyday road riders, mountain bikers and multi-event athletes.

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Pick Crono Cycling Shoes to Fit Your Needs

Crono cycling shoes are characterised by a commitment to craft production and technical quality, and while the range isn’t vast, every single model created by the company has its own strengths that cyclists will love. Every pair of shoes continues to be made in Italy according to strict production standards, and they also include innovative technologies such as BOA fit systems which ensure total comfort and even pressure. That’s a recipe for a pure riding experience, wherever your desires take you. BIKE24 stocks a wide variety of Crono cycling footwear, so let’s explore what the brand has to offer.

Crono Mountain Biking Shoes

If you want to stay in the saddle for longer in demanding conditions, a pair of Crono MTB shoes will be the ideal option. Models like the Crono CX2 and Crono CX3 have been engineered with the needs of mountain bikers in mind. So you can expect extremely light and tear-resistant materials, reinforced TPU heels and the addition of the BOA closure system to enclose every rider’s feet with zero pressure points. Crono’s MTB range is styled to resemble its aesthetically impressive road shoes, so there’s no trade off between looks and performance here – just smooth, comfortable riding all the way from the trailhead to the journey’s end. Some of the key Crono MTB shoes available include:

  • Crono CX2 MTB shoes
  • Crono CX3 MTB shoes
  • Crono CX4 MTB shoes

Crono Road Cycling Shoes

If you’re racking up the miles on endless road rides, you’ll need high-quality shoes to keep your feet safe and pain-free. That’s exactly what Crono provides, offering road shoes that wrap around feet naturally, featuring breathable materials, can handle wear and tear with ease, and look the part as well. The company’s key creation in the road cycling field have been the Crono CR2 shoes. Cleverly designed venting holes, soft materials and a lightweight form all combine to make the CR2 perfect for passionate road riders. But the CR1 and CR4 are also part of the mix. All come with BOA closures, with subtle differences in style and materials. And various colours are available as well, from pure red and white designs to dazzling gold. So you can really make an impression every time you ride. Core models in the Crono road cycling collection include:

  • Crono CR1 shoes
  • Crono CR2 shoes
  • Crono CR3 shoes
  • Crono CR4 shoes
  • Crono CT1 road shoes
  • Crono CV1 shoes

Crono Shoes for Triathletes

The Crono catalogue also caters to triathletes, with models designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. So if you’re addicted to multi-event endurance sports, Crono could be a brand to explore. Models like the Crono CR1 carbon or CR2 road shoes will slip on quickly when needed, and be comfortable to wear as you try to destroy your personal best. Their excellent ventilation and supple materials combine with a perfect fit to make them a cut above most triathlon footwear.

Crono is a small family brand with a huge appeal. Its Italian technicians constantly create new shoes for mountain biking and road cyclists, as well as athletes who always demand the best. And at BIKE24 you can find the latest models of CR1, CR2, and CX branded Crono designs. Whether you’re heading into the mountains to get away from it all or just refining your flat terrain footwear, there’s something to love here. And if you can’t find what you need, BIKE24 has the answer. Just check out our cycling shoes collection and there’s sure to be a pair that catches your eye.