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Diamant – In motion since 1885

Diamant is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in Germany. Since its foundation in 1885 inventive spirit, quality awareness and willingness to innovate have been the driving forces to build the best bicycles - Made in Germany. The product selection is very extensive. It ranges from 28 inch retro women's and men's bikes to modern trekking and city bikes to eBikes, the mobility concept of the future. » Read more

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Diamant – Handmade in Germany

Diamant Fahrradwerke GmbH is an institution in the history of bicycles. The company was founded in 1885 by the Nevoigt brothers in Reichenbrand near Chemnitz in the former GDR. All GDR racing cyclists, including "Täve" Schur and Bernhard Eckstein, won world championships on Diamant racing bikes. In 2003 Diamant was affiliated to the Trek Bicycle Corporation, but the production still takes place in Germany, in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz. True craftsmanship has a long tradition, which is why Diamant bikes are manufactured with great care and by hand. Diamant's product range today concentrates on high-quality city and trekking bikes as well as urban retro bikes. Characteristic is also the large number at different frame forms: from the comfortable step-through frames over Holland bikes and up to trapezoidal and classical diamond frames.

Motorized Bicycles from Diamant

Diamant's first electric bicycle came onto the market in 2010. Since then, the e-bike market has been booming and the traditional German manufacturer has also greatly expanded this area. Diamant electric bicycles can always be recognized by their + in the name. Diamant offers pedelecs with a pedal support up to 25km/h as well as the faster S-pedelecs with a motor support up to 45km/h, for which a separate driver's license and an insurance number plate, as well as an operating license is required. Motorised bicycles are especially helpful for people who have not ridden a bicycle for a longer period of time, who have health problems, who live in mountainous areas or for older people in particular who want to switch from cars to two-wheelers. This protects the environment, is good for health and nerves: you can simply cycle past traffic jams, the annoying search for a parking space and horrendous parking fees in the city centre are a thing of the past. But young and active bikers are also becoming increasingly enthusiastic about e-bikes - on their daily way to work, only a few really want to sweat. For this target group Diamant offers models with a particularly light and ergonomic frame and high-quality components such as the 825+ and the Elan+.
Diamant electric bikes work with the widely used Bosch Active motors for city and touring use and Performance Line motors for sportier use, which are controlled via displays on the handlebars. The lithium-ion batteries with 400 or 500 watt hours can be charged at the nearest power outlet at any time.

Diamant City, Trekking and Retro Bikes

If you like it more puristic, you are guaranteed to find an allround talent from the City and Trekking Lines. Whether for the daily way to work, shopping in the city or the sporty Sunday excursion - the Diamant Elan makes everyone happy. As a homage to more than 130 years of bicycle development, the Diamant Topas combines the nostalgic charm of the early years with modern technology.