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Diamant Cycling − A Traditional Brand since 1885

Diamant was founded in 1885 in Reichenbrand near Chemnitz, making it one of the oldest bike manufacturers in Germany. The company is considered a cycling pioneer and can look back on a long success story. Diamant bikes are considered some of the highest quality and some now enjoy a certain cult status among retro-cycling fans. Since 2003, Diamant has been part of the large American bicycle company Trek. However, it’s still a German brand and production still takes place in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz.

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Diamant Cycling: Technological Innovation Right from the Start

Diamant bikes were characterised from an early stage by their special inventive spirit. In 1898, the manufacturer developed the double roller chain and contributed significantly to the development of the modern bike. The ergonomic bike handlebar was also one of the brand's early innovations. This was achieved using a special bending technique which made a new handlebar shape possible. For the first time, cyclists could avoid unnatural bending of the wrists when riding their bike. Diamant’s current range includes a variety of high-quality and innovative trekking, city and cross bikes.

Since 2010, technological innovation has also focused on the motorised bike sector. There are many popular Diamant bikes alongside e-bike versions. Diamant e-bikes can also be found in many styles. For instance, there are models optimised for various purposes − for everyday riding, as a car replacement, for longer tours or for higher-speed cycling.

The Diamant Bike Brings Movement into Play

The main focus of the brand is on conventional as well as motorised trekking and city bikes. However, at its core, Diamant is all about mobility. Although there are also some good fitness bikes and cross bikes in their range, the core competence of the manufacturer is in models for everyday use or special tours. In addition to the enjoyable and comfortable riding experience, the long service life of Diamant bikes also plays a major role.

Diamant Bicycles: City Bikes

One of the classic city bikes is the 247 series, whose models often combine modern technology with popular vintage details. The models from the 885 series, on the other hand, score well with an urban retro look. 885 stands for the founding date 1885. Other popular series are the Diamant Topaz or the Diamant Agate. The Topaz series includes affordable and practical everyday bikes. The Agate models, on the other hand, have a very special aesthetic: a retro re-design of a classic from 1912.

Diamant Bicycles: Trekking and Touring Bikes

In the Diamant Ubari series you will find modern trekking bikes that allow comfortable riding both in the city and the countryside. For example, suspension forks or spring-loaded seatposts make a major contribution. However, there are quite a few different versions to choose from. The situation is very similar with the brand's second major trekking bike family: The Diamant Elan is available according to individual requirements in terms of gears, brakes or suspension. They are ideally suited to comfortable riding on longer tours.

Diamant E-Bikes as the Next Stage of Development

Motorised Diamant e-bikes are available both in approval-free versions with a speed of up to 25 km/h and as S-Pedelecs with top speeds up to 45 km/h, which may require approval. Within the many models you will find not only the aesthetic you desire, but also different features. For example, the Juna+ appears in a classic retro style. There are special motorised trekking bikes like the Mandara+ and bikes for the city the Beryl+. If you are looking for an easy entry point into the world of e-bikes, you will find an uncomplicated all-rounder in the Aurus+.

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