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Dolomite Shoes - The Power of the Mountains Meets Italian Charm

Dolomite shoes have been around for more than a century. Their roots, as their name suggests, lie in the Dolomites and the brand is an exciting mix of passion for the shoemaking trade, connection to nature and Italian design. Impressive expertise, numerous innovations and the latest technology form the core, meaning every pair of shoes is built without compromise for adventurers, climbers, hikers, mountaineers and travellers. Dolomite walking boots and shoes are for everyone who expects the best quality, comfort and performance.

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Traditional Hiking, Trekking and Casual Shoes Made in Italy

Dolomite shoes have been around since 1897. Guiseppe Garbuio was just 17 years old when he started his business. From the very beginning, his passion for shoemaking was shaped by the breathtaking landscape of the Dolomites. In order to survive in this harsh environment, you need the highest quality, comfort and performance. Guiseppe knew how to create this and, over the years, built up a first-class reputation, so much so that in 1954, an Italian expedition set out to make the first ascent of K2 in the Himalayas in Dolomite mountaineering boots! Many more expeditions followed as time went on and Dolomite footwear had to prove their worth again and again. Know-how and wealth of experience grew with each of these expeditions and is channelled into every single Dolomite hiking boot today.

What Types of Footwear Does Dolomite Have On Offer?

Dolomite’s footwear range is divided into the categories of lifestyle and performance. There are also Dolomite shoes available for both men and women.

Dolomite Shoes for Men - A Style for Life

Men’s Dolomite shoes unite high performance with equally good style. The Italian attitude towards life is expressed in every single pair of shoes from the Lifestyle collection. Are high, hard-wearing hiking boots for light outdoor use what you’re looking for? Or are low, trainer-style shoes for use in the city more your thing? Dolimite Lifestyle shoes stick to the latest trends, but this doesn’t mean that there are compromises when it comes to quality or materials. Some models, for example, are equipped with high-quality Vibram soles or waterproof Gore-Tex membranes.

Dolomite Shoes for Women – Style Meets Function!

The range of women's Lifestyle footwear includes a variety of mid-height shoes that provide comfort in any environment, whether you are out in nature or strolling down a city pavement. Not only do Dolomite shoes look good, but they also offer the quality and comfort you need to feel good. From comfortable multifunctional footwear to waterproof footwear for adventures, the shoes all have one thing in common: they’re perfect for wearing day in, day out.

Dolomite Performance Hiking Boots for Men - Adventure Awaits

The Dolomite outdoor footwear collection includes trekking and hiking boots for a wide variety of requirements. From short strolls to demanding hikes through to athletic mountaineering - Dolomite has the right footwear for any situation. Optimal performance, high comfort and top-class protection are the most important characteristics of every shoe and waterproof Gore-Tex membranes and high-performance outer soles are used to this end. With Dolomite hiking boots, you are prepared for any terrain and weather conditions!

Sustainability Meets Tradition: The 54 – Cinquantaquattro

The Cinquantaquattro collection combines detail with high-quality materials and genuine craftsmanship. This series’ iconic footwear pays homage to tradition, nevertheless, they are still full to the brim with modern features. These shoes are totally authentic and full of the Italian zest for life.

To celebrate the collection’s tenth birthday, a new Cinquantaquattro has been created, produced with a focus on sustainability and fair working conditions and using recycled materials, among other things. Dolomite wants to give something back to nature and the mountains: this shoe is a thank you to the Dolomites. They have been the key source of inspiration for the Dolomite brand for more than a hundred years.