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Edelrid - The Climbing Expert for more than 150 Years

Edelrid has been developing climbing equipment for more than 150 years. Sustainability is a central aspect, which is why the climbing ropes of Julius EDELmann and Carl RIDer‘s company are bluesign® certified. With the Edelrid harnesses, karabiners, climbing shoes, helmets and clothing, everything is included for the next climbing route. But also, Via-Ferrata enthusiasts can safely discover rock climbing paths with Edelrid sets. Innovative stoves and cockery will make your coffee break or an energy-boosting meal a great experience.

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150 years of Experience, Passion and Groundbreaking Innovations for Mountain Sports

Founded in 1863 in a small Allgäu town named Isny, Edelrid is the second oldest company in the world for mountaineering equipment and can look back on an eventful history: Burned down and rebuilt several times, bought and sold again, but the enthusiasm for climbing and the inventive spirit were never broken. Edelrid invented and developed the modern kernmantle rope, the first floatable rope and the first rope to meet all three standards as a single, double and twin rope. In 2006 Edelrid became part of the Vaude Group and in 2017 it acquired the well-known climbing shoe manufacturer Red Chili, whose products continue to be marketed under the existing brand and are further improved with the input of the Edelrid research and development department and the team athletes.

Everything for the Ultimate Experience on the Wall

As a full-range supplier of climbing equipment, Edelrid offers products for industrial climbing and altitude rescue as well as a comprehensive range for sports climbing and bouldering. From climbing ropes, climbing harnesses, climbing helmets, belay devices, Red Chili brand climbing shoes, via ferrata sets, slings and cords as well as highly specialized equipment for ice climbing and of course crash pads for bouldering and climbing clothing - there is nothing Edelrid does not manufacture.
Edelrid's spirit of innovation was once again evident when the company launched the revolutionary Ohm assisted-braking resistor in 2016. As is well known, a major problem in climbing is belaying a climber by a significantly lighter rope partner. The Ohm reduces the dangers normally associated with belaying with a significant difference in weight between a safety climber and a leader. When attached to the first securing point, the ohm increases the rope friction in the event of a fall without affecting the handling of the rope. Weight differences between the climbing partners of up to 40 kg are no longer a problem.

#climbGREEN - Sustainability at Edelrid

As a company that sells equipment for a sport that takes place in the midst of nature, the issue of sustainability and the preservation of nature is a key pillar. As an EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) validated company, environmentally relevant processes and the continuous improvement of environmental protection activities are firmly enshrined in the company. Since 2010, Edelrid has therefore regularly written and published environmental statements in which it states which environmental goals are to be achieved and how. Since 2009, Edelrid has been one of the first rope manufacturers to manufacture dynamic climbing ropes certified to the bluesign® standard. The rest of the portfolio will also be subject to bluesign® certification on an ongoing basis. In addition to all ropes, this now also includes rope cords, slings and climbing harnesses and thus 38% of the entire Edelrid collection. The single rope Parrot, launched in 2016, also occupies a special place. It is made entirely from yarn residues from rope production. Instead of simply disposing of them, the waste can be further significantly reduced. Since 2018, the range has been supplemented by PFC-free climbing ropes - the world's first of their kind.
If sustainability in the textile sector can be achieved through countless measures, it becomes all the more difficult when it comes to the production of metal goods. In order to meet the sustainability requirements for hardware such as carabiners, express slings, belay devices and pulleys as well, Edelrid focuses on extended durability, low wear and tear and thus an extremely long product life. Inserts made of robust and durable steel in exactly those places where hardware and rope touch prevent rope abrasion, burrs and sharp edges on the climbing equipment. This also extends the service life of the rope.