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e*thirteen Cranks, Chain Guides & More for Your Trail Shreds

e*thirteen takes your mountain bike experience to a new level with its chain guides, cranks and many other components - whether for racing or leisure use. Once fitted, you will notice the improvement in reliability, workmanship and function after just a few turns of the crank. Chain drops and imprecise shifting are practically a thing of the past. Discover now what makes e*thirteen components so special and why they make particularly demanding trails your favorite playground.

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e*thirteen: Innovation Forge with Gravity Roots

Since its foundation in 2001, e*thirteen has established itself as a pioneer in the development of chain guides and drivetrain components for mountain bikes. Based on years of experience in the mountain bike scene and the requirements of downhill and enduro athletes, the brand was created with the aim of creating more robust, reliable and innovative solutions for MTB fans. Based on the challenging trails and the dynamic mountain bike scene in the USA, e*thirteen places particular emphasis on the performance and durability of its bike parts.

e*thirteen stands for a combination of technical perfection and continuous development based on real-world riding tests to give riders the safety and confidence they need on the trails. With a portfolio ranging from chain guides and cranks to cassettes and wheels, e*thirteen remains true to its mission: to push the boundaries of what is possible in mountain biking.

e*thirteen Cranks, Chainrings and Co.: Drive Components for Every Terrain

In mountain biking, the right wheel and drive components play a crucial role in power transmission and reliability - especially if you regularly race with them. When it comes to customizing your MTB, e*thirteen offers you chain guides as well as other important parts such as cranks, cassettes, chainrings and more. Your advantage: The components have been matched to each other in countless test runs and are designed for their area of use in terms of durability. These points can be decisive advantages, especially in MTB gravity disciplines. With e*thirteen drivetrain parts, you can equip your bike for any trail without compromising on quality or performance:

  • Chain guides: Known for their robustness and reliability, e*thirteen chain guides are the first choice if you want to stop worrying about chain drops and protect the chainring from impacts from below.
  • Cranks: No drop is too high and no rock too hard for them - e*thirteen cranks score with outstanding stiffness and durability for optimum power transmission.
  • Cassettes: e*thirteen cassettes shine with their wide gear range and lightweight design, which improves both climbing efficiency and agility on technical trails.
  • Chainrings: The large selection of chainrings from e*thirteen gives you maximum compatibility with the latest cranks. Thanks to their precise manufacturing and Helix - an improved narrow-width technology - precise shifting behavior, secure chain retention and maximum freedom when mixing the drive components are guaranteed.
  • Bashguards: If you only want to add a bashguard to your MTB setup, the TRS Plus is a good addition. Thanks to the modular design of many e*thirteen components, the TRS Plus Bashguard fits both TRS and Vario chain guides.

e*thirteen Chain Guides - The Flagship

At e*thirteen, it all began with the mission to build truly reliable chain guides for every application. A product category that quickly became the company's flagship. The Vario chain guide has embodied this mission almost from the very beginning. It is available in different versions for trail, enduro and downhill and can be individually extended if required.

The Vario chain guide has proven to be indispensable for demanding MTB riders who value reliability and a precisely guided chain line. It is precisely these attributes that characterize all e*thirteen chain guides, including the lighter and less expensive versions. The e*thirteen chain guides not only effectively minimize the risk of chain drops, but also protect the chainring with high-quality bash guards in the most demanding terrain.

e*thirteen + The Hive = MTB-Hardcore-Parts

The merger with The Hive in 2010 marked the beginning of a new era for e*thirteen, which expanded the product range far beyond the familiar chain guides. Here is a brief overview of some outstanding new additions:

  • Downhill cranks: with a balance of lightness and unsurpassed stability for downhill use, the perfect complement for drivetrain chain guides.
  • Seatposts: The Vario Infinite Dropper Post redefines reliable saddle height adjustment. With just one push on the handlebars, you can switch between maximum agility on the downhill or efficient pedaling on the uphill.
  • Wheels: Developed for maximum performance in rough terrain, e*thirteen wheels set new standards in terms of weight, stability and durability.

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For your complete MTB setup, we at BIKE24 offer you a large selection of e*thirteen chain guides, cranks, cassettes and much more. With these MTB components, you are perfectly equipped for your next trail tour or visit to the bike park. You can also find high-quality accessories such as mountain bike helmets, protectors and cycling shoes in our store. Don't waste any time and order all components directly from us. You'll receive everything in one delivery and can get started straight away. Build your individual gravity MTB with e*thirteen and conquer the trails!