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Finish Line Lube - The Best for Keeping Your Bike Clean and Well-Maintained

Finish Line develops chain lube and other high-quality care and cleaning products for bicycles since 1988. They improve their products year on year thanks to feedback from professional cyclists and mechanics around the world. The range of the brand includes Finish Line lubricants, degreasers and special brushes through to bearing greases and special brake fluids, and is aimed at anyone from everyday riders to top-level athletes. With Finish Line Lube you always benefit from a well maintained bicycle.

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Finish Line - From the Invention of Dry Chain Lube to Today

Nowadays, the brand is the leading manufacturer of specialised lubricants in the cycling sector. The company is also known for its many other products that help you to look after your bike over the long term and maintain or even improve its functionality. Founder Henry Krause began developing and manufacturing bicycle chain lube in 1988. The universal lubricants available at the time simply weren’t sufficient for use on bicycles.

Dry lube was the brand's first successful product and with it, the bar was raised. The Finish Line Teflon™-based dry lubricant was less prone to absorbing dirt particles, an issue which was of increasing interest to cyclists, especially with mountain biking becoming more and more popular, and paved the way for the success of the brand.

From the Invention of Finish Line Dry Lube to Today

Finish Line has an extremely wide range of care and cleaning products for your bike. Whether it’s a matter of occasional or intensive use: the right bicycle care makes for long-lasting components, optimised functionality and a clean look. With Finish Line, you can service all parts of your bike the right way. The products include:

  • Lubricants, from Finish Line grease, Finish Line wet lube to wax and dry lubricants
  • Cleaning products for all bicycle components, from the chain to the gearset and through to the frame
  • Assembly gels, brake fluid, suspension spray and much more

There is also an array of products available for e-bikes and the wide range at BIKE24 includes numerous handy tools you can use with your cleaning products and Finish Line lubricants, such as functional brushes, practical chain cleaners and other accessories like protective clothing or pads.

Finish Line Chain Lube - From Dry to Wet Lube and Ceramic Technology

It all started with chain lube. Finish Line have continued to develop their original Finish Line dry lube and it is still one of the most popular products today. It is extremely resistant under pressure as well as to water and can be used on many different mechanical parts as it has excellent penetrating properties:

  • Chain
  • Gears
  • Bowden cables
  • Joints

Lock cylinderIn addition to dry lubricants, the brand has also developed ceramic and wax lubricants that have since been merged to create a ceramic-wax lube that combines the best of all the Finish Line technologies. There are also specialised products available to meet the demands of dusty, wet or muddy conditions and these are just as effective for the city and everyday life as a matter of course. If you frequently ride your MTB off-road, the Finish Line wet lube range should be the product of your choice.

Finish Line Cleaning Products and Accessories

Not only is cleaning your bike good for your bike’s appearance, after all, a clean bike is a good-looking bike, but it is also important for it to run smoothly. The gearset, chain and other mechanical parts in particular should be cleaned on a regular basis. This applies regardless of how often you ride: even if you only use your bike occasionally, you should  clean the chain with Finish Line Chain Cleaner and then apply new chain lube. If you’re an avid cyclist, however, this should be done more frequently.

Top tip: as cleaning chain lube and dirt off your chain can be a time-consuming task, it’s best to make use of special Finish Line chain and Finish Line bike cleaner in combination with brushes to lighten the workload.

The brand offers numerous products that have been made specifically for certain parts on your bike, including a chain lube degreaser, gearset and brake cleaners and much more. These are available as aerosols for spraying onto the parts, but you can also get many of them as concentrates in canisters or bottles for mixing yourself. It is also worthwhile applying a protective polish after cleaning any painted parts on your frame.

Finish Line Sealant and Other Care Products

In addition to its chain lube, Finish Line has a comprehensive range of care products for your bike. Cleaning products and lubricants are joined by sealant, assembly gel and Finish Line bike grease, with the matching application tools, as well as brake fluid, suspension spray and much more. The brand has pretty much everything you need when it comes to bike maintenance.

Shop Finish Line Lube and More Online

With Finish Line chain lube, you can care for mechanical parts over the long term and ensure your bike runs super smoothly. The company also offers a wide range of cleaning and care products to cover all bases. We also stock an array of handy Finish Line accessories, ranging from specialised chain brushes to cleaning floss and practical sets. Get everything sent directly to your home in a flash with BIKE24.