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FOCUS E-Mountain Bikes - Motorized Extra Power for Riding Fun Squared

You flirt with a FOCUS MTB, but want the extra power of an electric motor? No problem: Here are the FOCUS E-MTB models. The FOCUS concept is quickly explained: FOCUS e-bikes ride as naturally and playfully as non-motorized mountain bikes. Thanks to the e-motor, there's plenty of extra power to boot. In other words: FOCUS E-MTB models mean fun to the power of 2. That's what the superscript 2 in the model name stands for, which makes it easy to recognize every motorized FOCUS MTB. Find out which model is right for you and what else makes FOCUS e-bikes so special in the following.

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FOCUS E-Fullies: More Power, More Fun!

FOCUS electric mountain bike fullys are based on the non-motorized models from FOCUS. The THRON² is designed for all-round trail use with its 130 mm suspension. With 150 mm of suspension travel and downhill-ready geometry, the JAM² is a nimble trail and enduro e-bike. The SAM² is a real big bike with distinct downhill genes. It offers you 170 mm of suspension travel and smooths out everything the trail has to offer. These three models come with powerful Bosch mid-motor with up to 720 WH battery and impressive range. Here are the key features of these three FOCUS E-MTB models:

FOCUS THRON²: The Allround and Trail E-MTB

  • FOCUS E-Bike MTB with 130 mm travel and F.O.L.D. rear triangle
  • 29 inch wheels
  • Bosch Performance Line CX e-drive with up to 750 Wh battery.
  • Available as EQP model with mudguards, rear rack and light

FOCUS JAM²: Playful All-Rounder with Downhill Genes

  • these E-Mountain Bike FOCUS models are equipped with powerful Shimano EP8 motor or Bosch Performance Line CX drive
  • 150 mm suspension travel with F.O.L.D. kinematics at the rear triangle
  • 29 inch wheels
  • adjustable geometry via Flip Chip

FOCUS SAM²: Big Bike with Built-in Shuttle

  • FOCUS E-MTB enduro bike with downhill genes.
  • 170 mm travel with F.O.L.D. rear triangle
  • 29 inch wheels
  • per Flip Chip geometry adjustments are possible
    with Bosch Performance CX E-drive and 625 Wh battery

FOCUS JAM² SL: The Super-Light E-Bike

The JAM² SL plays in its own FOCUS E-MTB league. To recognize it as an e-bike, you have to look in detail. The battery and motor are so inconspicuously integrated into the frame design that they are not noticeable. This is made possible by the brand new Fazua Ride 60 drive. This is exceptionally compact and lightweight. With 60 Nm of torque and an output of 450 watts, it offers you considerable motor power. 17.9 kg brings the Jam² SL 9.0 on the scale and is only slightly heavier than a conventional enduro bike in the 150 mm class. That is impressive and opens up new possibilities on the E-MTB.

Here are the most important facts about the JAM² SL:

  • Electric mountain bike FOCUS model with super light Max Carbon frame
  • partially integrated shock for maximum freedom of movement
  • fully integrated motor and battery from Fazua with 60 Nm torque and 450 Watt power output
  • 430 Wh battery capacity
  • adjustable geometry: with the help of flip chips, steering angle and chainstay length can be adjusted

FOCUS E-MTB Hardtails: FOCUS on All-Round and Travel Use

FOCUS takes a different approach with its MTB hardtails than in the field of full-suspension e-bikes. Cross-country racers are not seen as a target group for a motorized model variant. Instead, they focus on all-rounders and touring bikers who like to take advantage of the additional power of an electric motor. The FOCUS e-mountain bike hardtail goes by the name of JARIFA². Thanks to its unsprung rear triangle, it offers direct power transmission in an uncomplicated, affordable overall package. This FOCUS E-HArdtail is perfect for long tours over gravel roads, forest paths and easy trails. The powerful Bosch motor offers a whopping 85 Nm of torque. The Bosch Powertube batteries with up to 750 Wh provide impressive range.

Here are the key features of the FOCUS JARIFA²:

  • powerful Bosch Performance CX e-drive with 85 Nm torque
  • Bosch Powertube battery with up to 750 Wh capacity
  • balanced MTB geometry, ideal for gravel roads, forest paths and light trails
  • suspension fork with 100 mm travel
  • 1x12 gears
  • 29 inch wheels
  • C.I.S. stem with integrated cable routing

Aluminium or Carbon?

As is so often the case, there is no such thing as "good" or "bad. Whether aluminum or carbon depends on the concept of the e-bike. For many e-bikes, aluminum is still the material of choice. The proven material is ideally suited to provide space and protection for the additional drive components. Aluminum is robust and handles the high forces exerted by the e-motor without complaint.
Carbon has been making its way into the e-bike sector for some time now. The modern high-tech material is ideally suited for the new compact drive systems, such as the Fazua Ride 60. This combination allows for an almost seamless integration of motor and battery into the frame. Models like the FOCUS JAM² SL are hardly noticeable as an e-bike.

FOCUS Max Carbon Layout

On the JAM² SL, FOCUS shows what is possible with a well thought-out frame made of carbon. It is impressive how inconspicuously the motor and battery are integrated into the frame. Even more impressive is the super light overall weight of the bike, in which the frame has a large share. This is made possible by the computer-calculated Max Carbon layup. The individual carbon layers are precisely adapted to the loads in the frame. At each point, so much material is used that no compromises are made in stability and stiffness. The result: Full performance with minimal weight.


FOCUS installs its sophisticated C.I.S. stem on its e-mountain bikes. C.I.S. stands for Cockpit Integration Solution and it means that all cables are routed through the stem directly into the frame. The advantages are obvious: The cables are perfectly protected. In addition, bikes with C.I.S. stem look incredibly good!