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GT Bicycles – High Quality Mountain Bikes, Gravel Bikes and BMX Bikes from California

The Californian bicycle company GT was founded in 1972 by Gary Turner in the USA. The clearly set goal of GT Bicycles was to give cyclists with high-quality and innovative frames more opportunities for their creative development on two wheels. At the time, it all started with a BMX frame for Gary Turner's sons. Later, GT Bicycles was instrumental in the development of the worldwide mountain bike boom. Then as now, GT Bicycles is one of the leading companies in the MTB sport.

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The Company History of GT Bicycles

American Gary Turner was into welding drag race cars at the time. Since the skills were there and the bike market had no decent BMX bikes to offer, Gary Turner made his kid his first GT frame. With this first GT Bicycles bike, the youngster rode the SoCal BMX Race course and attracted all the attention. The successful company GTbicycles was born!

With the vision to offer BMX riders a bike with which they could give free rein to their creativity and get more out of their riding, GT Bicycles became synonymous with stability and high quality. BMX riders on GT bikes brought home more race wins than any other brand in the eighties.

In the early nineties, GT Bicycles ushered in a new era. On the larger becoming hype of Mountainbiking also GT rose. The Californians gradually presented frame designs and bikes that would revolutionize the industry. Professional mountain bikers like the Swiss Hans Rey shaped the image of the brand and magically attracted fans.

In the late nineties, manufacturers began to develop full-suspension mountain bikes. Of course, from then on, GT mountain bikes were also developed, which provided more options with suspension in the rear triangle. The riding style went away from meadow and gravel downhill and towards technical riding on laid out trails with stone fields, roots and jumps. The mountain bike scene was undergoing a major transformation at the time, and GT Bicycles was instrumental in shaping it.

In the years that followed, GT MTB's success was unstoppable and marked by numerous innovations. New rear triangle systems and the introduction of the first carbon frames were just some of the many milestones. The first GT E Bike also caused a sensation.

In 2010, GT began to focus on cooperation with athletes. Since then, they have been supporting professional athletes in a wide variety of disciplines. For a long time, the three Atherton siblings from Great Britain were the absolute downhill figurehead of GT. They ensured that the quality and innovative character of a GT mountain bike was constantly raised. At the same time, they rode GT bikes to numerous victories in world cups and world championships.

GT is incidentally part of the Cycling Sports Group, which unite under one roof the brands GT Bicycles, Cannondale, and Charge Bikes.

The GT Bicycles Product Range

The GT Bicycles namesake and founder Gary Turner began the success story of the now global company with a single BMX frame, which he welded his offspring himself. After years of success with BMX GT bikes came GT mountain bikes. Today, GT presents itself as a holistic bike brand that develops bikes for all types of use. GT Bicycles offers the following bikes:

  • GT E-Bike (GT E-MTB Full Suspension, GT E-MTB Hardtail, GT E-Gravel)
  • GT BMX (Freestyle, Race, Heritage, Lifestyle)
  • GT Mountainbike Full Suspension (Gravity, Enduro, Trail)
  • GT Mountainbike Hardtail
  • GT Road (Gravel, Fitness)
  • GT Kids
  • GT Dirt Bike

So if you are looking for a new GT bike, you are guaranteed to find a model that suits your riding style. You will benefit from an extremely high product quality and modern designs. GT bikes are developed by cyclists for cyclists. To deliver the best possible ride, GT Bicycles continuously integrates feedback from its professional athletes. In addition to the tests on the road and off-road tests in the laboratory on various test rigs ensure that you get with a GT bike an absolute quality product.

GT BMX Bikes for Skatepark Action and Fun on the Dirt Jump Trails

The GT Bicycles empire was started at the time with BMX GT bikes. Even today, GT BMX bikes are still an important area of the Californian manufacturer. GT BMX bikes are offered in different categories. Freestyle BMX bikes are aimed at skatepark and dirt jump riders. Race BMX bikes are lightweight and optimized for use on the BMX Race Track. With a Heritage or Lifestyle BMX you draw all eyes on you on the way to the lake or park.

A GT Mountain Bike for Action over Hill and Mountain - Experience new Mountain Biking Adventures on Trails and Constructed MTB Tracks

At the end of the nineties GT began to develop mountain bikes. With this decision, the current success of the brand was sealed and ensured enormous growth. GT mountain bikes are available today as hardtails or full suspension bikes. GT mountain bikes are offered for each division of the mountain bike world. So you can find classic mountain bikes, cross country bikes, trail bikes, enduro bikes and downhill bikes in the portfolio of the Americans. You can easily select your GT mountain bike according to your area of use.

Expand the Possibilities with a GT Gravelbike

Gravel bikes from GT combine two important aspects. On the one hand, they provide you with the agility and speed of a road bike and combine this with the flexibility of a mountain bike. With a GT Gravel bike you expand your possibilities and can easily turn from the road to the next gravel path. You can also take forest paths and moderate trails under the cleats with a gravel bike.