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Hydro Flask: Water Bottles, Containers and Accessories for Adventure Fans

Drinking with pleasure — with Hydro Flask bottles, - cups, containers and extensive accessories you don’t have to do without on any of your hiking trips or outdoor adventures. With its award-winning designs and patented drinking systems, the American manufacturer has quickly built up a global fan base that no longer wants to be out and about without their innovative favourite drinking bottles.

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Hydro Flask Water Bottles – From the Weekly Market to the World Stage

Travis Rosbach and his friend Cindy Weber agreed: water is the best drink. But in 2009 the pair felt that all other available bottles weren’t good enough. Either they were not insulated well enough and didn’t keep drinks cold or warm over a long period of time, or the available bottles were not visually appealing enough.

So together the pair set about designing and manufacturing their own bottles, to sell them at small weekly markets. Especially within the outdoor community the buzzword “Hydro Flask bottles” spread like wildfire and the new brand developed an excellent reputation at an impressive speed.

When the bottles finally proved popular in local and online shops — the starting signal for the greatest successes — the couple separated, sold their shares and Scott Allan steered its fortunes from then on. 2020, after 8 successful years finally he, too, could retire, as he had achieved his goal: Today Hydro Flask tumblers, bottles and accessories are among the most popular companions for outdoor adventures of all kinds.

Hydro Flask Water Bottles & Co. – The Diverse Brand Range for on the Go.

The perceived secret of success is really not so mysterious. Rather it rests on two crucial pillars: Everything from Hydro Flask whether its a coffee mug, spare parts or bottles — is cleverly designed and highly functional.

In terms of design, the brand products shine with simple elegance, which is spiced up by the characteristic brand logo. The bright variety of colours is made possible by the very special power coating. This Color Last™ technology also ensures that all drinking bottles, containers and cups have certain key properties in common. They are:

  • dishwasher-safe
  • non-slip
  • colourful

The robust powder coating is combined with high-quality stainless steel which in turn ensures the gear has a long useful life. In addition, the steel never takes on the taste of the coffee, tea or other drinks that you want to enjoy from your Hydro Flask drinking bottle.

The TempShield™ insulation is primarily responsible for the impressive functionality of the different containers. The vacuum insulation maintains the temperature of your drinks for hours. This means you can still enjoy your hot or cold drinks as you wanted, long after you have filled them. An added bonus is that the insulation prevents condensation from forming.

The bottles in the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth line have a special drinking opening. This is designed for higher flow rates so you can drink a lot when you are very thirsty. The seal can be opened very easily with only one hand.

Thanks to the overall package of design and functionality Hydro Flask can give you a lifetime guarantee for all bottles and other products.

The Secret Superstars: Hydro Flask Spare Parts and Accessories

Whether its a straw or lid cleaner or new drinking attachments in different variants: accessories and spare parts from Hydro Flask for bottles and cups enable you to adapt your favourite bottle to your needs even better. For example, if you want to take even bigger sips, you can retrofit a Hydro Flask Wide Mouth drinking attachment

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug – Enjoy This Black Gold in Nature

Warming rays of sunshine on your face in the morning, the hot water is bubbling on the gas stove for your morning coffee — the outdoor idyll can be so beautiful. With the coffee mugs from the brand not only can you enjoy hot tea or coffee in the early morning: The different containers — available in bottle or cup form — keep your favourite drink at the perfect temperature for hours. So you can still have hot drinks with you in the afternoon.

Never Thirsty – Thanks to Hydro Flask Cups

Don’t want to do without a relaxing glass of red wine or a soothing beer after a long hike on your outdoor adventure? Hydro Flask Bottles are just the right choice for this. For example two standard glasses fit in the Hydro Flask tumblers wine line. With a drip-proof edge, not a drop is lost. Thanks to the agreeable shape you can comfortably hold the container and enjoy your favourite rosé or white wine when you want.


From Nature Lovers, for Nature Lovers

Of course the bottles and containers of the brand can be used wonderfully in everyday life. But at heart they are your perfect companion on all your paths through nature. That’s why Hydro Flask enthusiastically supports a wide variety of NGOs that work for nature parks and protected areas, in its “Parks for All” programme. With the donations the organisations can build new parks and maintain or renovate existing ones. This preserves natural spaces in which people can retreat to relax, unwind and be inspired - for a happier, healthier life.


Perfectly Hydrated on All Paths, Thanks to Bottles Etc, from Hydro Flask

The American brand is all about providing outdoor enthusiasts with the best possible equipment for all adventures. Whether bottles, mugs or accessories — maximum functionality and sophisticated designs distinguish all the products in the brand. You can buy a wide range of the Hydro Flask drinking bottles and containers from us, that will reliably accompany your for a long time in your excursions into nature.