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Leatt - Body Armor and MTB Clothing for the Best Possible Protection from Head to Toe

Leatt has made a name for itself with its first invention, the Neck Brace. The Leatt Brace is synonymous with this new type of neck protectors for motocross and MTB use. Since its introduction in 2004, Leatt has dedicated itself to the subject of protective clothing and has gradually expanded its range. Today, the company from South Africa has in addition to the Leatt Neck Brace MTB protectors, helmets, gloves, goggles, clothing and much more in the program.

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Leatt: A Tragic Experience Revolutionizes Motocross and MTB Sports

The Leatt story began with an experience that Dr. Chris Leatt, a neurosurgeon from South Africa, endured at a motocross race in 2001. His son, who was four years old at the time, had just started riding motocross when Dr. Leatt witnessed the death of a rider friend. He suffered a back injury in a fall and died while still on the track. At that moment, it was clear to Dr. Leatt that his mission from now on was to invent a protection that could help against such back injuries in two-wheeled sports.

The physician quit his job and dedicated himself to his invention, which was to revolutionize motocross and downhill mountain biking: He developed the so-called Leatt Brace, the principle of which is now offered as a neck brace by many other manufacturers. In 2004, his Leatt Brace was a sensation and the cornerstone of Dr. Leatt's company. Today, Leatt offers a complete range of protective clothing for motocross and MTB sports. Whether neck brace, helmets, shoes, jerseys or pants: You can dress from head to toe with Leatt and go well protected on the race track.

Leatt: First It's Tested!

Before a new Leatt innovation is launched on the market, it is tested intensively. Leatt does not rely exclusively on external testing laboratories. A cornerstone of Leatt's own quality assurance are its own test procedures according to the highest standards. The development of these tests is based on real-life scenarios. One looks at: What happens, for example, during a fall on a mountain bike race? And what must our protective clothing be able to do to prevent worse?

When Dr. Leatt developed his first neck brace, he had no experience to test it. There were no standardized testing procedures for it. Over the years, Leatt gained countless experiences, adapted existing test standards or directly invented new test methods. In 2006, for example, Leatt worked with BMW to develop a new test method to measure loads on the back that occur during a fall. At the time, such methods did exist, but they were performed on torsos strapped to car seats.

Today, Leatt uses a variety of sophisticated testing methods. The company works with well-known test laboratories and cooperates with universities such as the University of Strasbourg and the University of Stellenbosch. The specially developed test dummy goes by the name of Martin and is one of the most important employees in the Leatt test department.

Leatt Body Armor and MTB Clothing: Protection from Head to Toe

Leatt Body Armor and MTB Clothing: Protection from Head to Toe

The original product from Leatt is the Leatt Brace, which is now synonymous with the now established and very own category of neck braces. A lot has happened since Leatt presented the Neck Brace in 2004. Leatt has evolved into a complete sports and protective apparel provider. Leatt divides its collections into two divisions: the motocross sport and mountain biking. The huge Leatt range for both sports at a glance:

  • Protectors such as Leatt Neck Braces, knee and shin protectors, chest and back protectors, Leatt protector jackets.
  • Leatt MTB clothing, including jackets, jerseys, pants as well as gloves and socks
  • Leatt bike helmets
  • Leatt MTB goggles
  • Leatt shoes
  • Leatt Hydration Packs (hydration packs)

For motocross sports, motocross boots are a specialty. For mountain bikers, Leatt has had MTB shoes in its range for some time. As versatile as mountain bike disciplines is also the Leatt MTB range. There is robust protective clothing for use in downhill races. This includes Leatt protector jackets and Leatt protectors as well as lightweight, comfortable knee protectors for all-mountain or enduro use, many of which are also available specifically for women. They differ in color, cuts and fit from the models for men. 

Leatt Protectors: Protection from Downhill to All Mountain

The history of Leatt began with a special protector: The Neck Brace has revolutionized the field of mountain bike protective clothing since 2004. Leatt has not rested on this. Slowly and steadily, new innovations were added. In 2011, Leatt presented protector jackets - an MTB jacket with integrated protectors and Leatt knee pads. Since 2015, Leatt also carries bike helmets, followed by Leatt MTB clothing, goggles and MTB shoes. 

Leatt Protectors: Protection from Downhill to All Mountain

Leatt Helmets: Protection for Head and Brain

Just recently Leatt presented the new edition of the well-known motocross and mountain bike helmets. The new Leatt Full Face helmets use a technology called 360 Turbine. This technology prevents serious head and brain injuries. Small, round gel discs that look like turbines, among other things, reduce rotational acceleration and prevent the risk of serious head and brain injuries.

In addition to Leatt Full Face helmets for MTB downhill and enduro use, the South African manufacturer has lightweight Open Face helmets in its range. They are perfect for trail riding and cross country use. Of course, Leatt also has special helmets for children and women. The Leatt Enduro helmet MTB Enduro 4.0 is a hybrid helmet. It has a removable chin bar and can be driven as a full face helmet and as a half shell.

Leatt MTB Apparel: Style meets Function

Leatt MTB clothing covers all gravity disciplines of mountain biking. You get Leatt MTB jerseys in casual freeride style or in the cool downhill race look. In addition, there are matching pants, shorts, gloves - there are even Leatt socks. Functional garments such as the Leatt RaceVest or the warm MTB 3.0 Trail Jacket provide a feel-good factor in special conditions. The Leatt rain jacket guarantees that you stay dry in bad weather. Particularly striking in Leatt's range is the Mono Suit MTB HydraDri: The one-piece suit is designed for the wettest and muddiest days, when all others stay at home.

Leatt Shoes: Protection, Grip and Comfort

Leatt MTB shoes for flat pedals offer you the perfect combination of comfort and safety. They come without click system, so are intended for use with platform pedals. Basically, there are three models: the 1.0 Flat, the 2.0 Flat and the 3.0 Flat Pro. All have in common the loose sneaker look, which allows Leatt shoes to wear even in everyday life. The 1.0 Flat is intended as an all-round everyday shoe with good driving characteristics. The 2.0 Flat offers various performance features. It has a grippy sole with waffle pattern and is excellently ventilated. The top model 3.0 Flat Pro is equipped with a modern twist closure. It is extra reinforced in the ankle area. Both together result in an extremely good, secure fit and more safety in difficult conditions. The Leatt MTB shoe 3.0 Flat Pro is the top model for racing.

Leatt MTB Apparel: Style meets Function