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Mizuno Running Shoes & Sportswear for High Performance

In the world of Mizuno, three cornerstones come together: technology, innovation and sustainability. Since its founding in 1906, Mizuno has strived to help athletes exceed their limits. The Japanese manufacturer's high-performance shoes and clothing are characterised by many technical details and a high level of comfort - made for competitions, track sessions, long runs on the road or demanding trail runs.

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Running Shoes by Mizuno - Development over a Century

Mizuno's corporate philosophy is based on the Japanese concept of "Kaizen" - "change for the better". Achieving kaizen requires continuous optimisation through thousands of small steps towards perfection.

Since its founding in 1906 by brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno, the company has grown from a humble sports shop in Osaka to a global phenomenon. Their mission? To help athletes discover and realise their true potential as a sustainable sportswear manufacturer.

Mizuno Sports Shoes: Technology and Innovation as a Recipe for Success

Mizuno has made it into the upper echelons of sports equipment manufacturers with the help of its revolutionary technologies. Thanks to the proven WAVE technology and the newly developed MIZUNO ENERZY system, every runner can find the right Mizuno sports shoe. The innovative technologies of the Mizuno running shoes provide cushioning and stability - for a lower risk of injury and maximum performance during sports.

The Reinvention of the Midsole: WAVE Technology

A special milestone in the history of Mizuno is the invention of WAVE technology. Today, this is used in individually tailored variants in all Mizuno running shoes and offers a unique combination of damping and stability. The different "wave" shapes are constructed in such a way that the force of the impact is distributed over the entire shoe and thus minimises the risk of injury, as well as enabling a natural and gentle running feeling on different surfaces and for all types of runners.

A Revolution in Cushioning: ENERZY Technology

Another significant breakthrough in Mizuno's technology range is the introduction of ENERZY technology in the midsole material. This offers excellent softness and rebound and is used in selected Mizuno running shoes - for particularly high energy recovery.

Mizuno Running Shoes for Fitness and Running

Mizuno puts its expertise into every shoe - you feel it with every step. The products are a testament to the brand's ambition to push the boundaries of technology to meet the individual needs of athletes. Discover running shoes, running trousers, shirts, tops, socks and jackets from the matching Mizuno collection:

  • Wave Inspire Collection: The running shoes from Mizuno are designed to correct the foot position while running. They offer the perfect balance of stability and cushioning.
  • Wave Rider Collection: Mizuno's commitment to innovation is evident in the Mizuno Wave technology. It creates an energy-efficient and responsive running experience - especially on long distances.
  • Wave Sky Collection: During intense training sessions, maximum cushioning and comfort are crucial. Mizuno's durable sports shoes are specifically designed to push you to your limits and beyond.
  • Wave Skyrise Collection: XPOP foam and MIZUNO ENERZY technology provide a feather-light feel and soft, stable cushioning with every step.

Sustainable Sports Shoes from Mizuno

High-performance products and sustainability - is that even possible? At Mizuno, the answer is yes! For the family-run company, sustainable running shoes are not a trend, but a philosophy. For the development of sustainable sporting goods, this means concretely:

  • Reduce CO₂ footprint: Mizuno strives to reduce waste generated during production as well as energy consumption. By 2050, Mizuno is committed to becoming CO₂-neutral.
  • Use of sustainable materials: All running shoes from the entire Mizuno running collection are 100% vegan and vegan friendly.
  • MIZUNO CREW 21: The Crew21 Project is a global environmental initiative launched by Mizuno in 1991. The mission: to strengthen Mizuno's contribution to society and the protection of our planet.

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