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Mizuno – Stylish High-Performance Apparel & Running Shoes

Thanks to its innovative Wave technology, Mizuno offers every runner the a perfectly cushioned shoe, be it for competitions, track sessions, long runs on the road or demanding trail adventures. Alongside the running shoes, the Japanese sports manufacturer also offers modern and performance-enhancing apparel that shines with many technical details and lots of comfort. » Read more

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A Century Full of Improvements and Running Steps

The corporate philosophy of Mizuno is intricately entwined with the Japanese concept "Kaizen", which can be translated as "change for the better". Usually this change is achieved through continuous improvement and requires thousands of small steps towards perfection. Mizuno's running shoes, shorts, shirts, tops, gloves, socks and jackets have taken many such steps since the company was founded over 100 years ago by the brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno in Osaka in 1906.

The Reinvention of the Midsole: Wave Technology

A very special milestone in the history of the family-run company, which is currently one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world, was the invention of the wave technology. Today, this technology is used in all Mizuno running shoes in individually coordinated variants and always offers a unique combination of cushioning, stability and energy recovery. The different "wave" shapes are designed to distribute the force of the impact over the entire shoe, minimizing the risk of injury and providing a natural and smooth running experience on different surfaces and for all types of runners.

Optimally Cushioned Running Shoes – Find Your Perfect Companions

To help you choose the right shoes to take to the streets or trails of your city and its surroundings, you can find a short description of the running shoes from Mizuno here, sorted from the softest to the most neutral cushioning:

Wave Sky – For the really long runs, a feeling of levitation or just incredible cushioning with every step.

Waveknit – Offer a luxurious running experience thanks to the shock-absorbing U4icX midsole and knitted upper that wraps around your foot like a second skin.

Wave Paradox – Balanced shoes with maximum support and dynamic performance. The AIRmesh upper material also allows for extra breathability.

Wave Prophecy – Excellently cushioned, thanks to groundbreaking Infinity Wave technology, these shoes are particularly suitable for moderately pronating long distance runners.

Wave Ultima – Versatile companions that convince with comfort on medium to long distances. The air-foamed rubber midsole material on the forefoot provides a particularly soft toe print.

Wave Mujin – Wet stony paths, rooted downhills or smooth trails: The XtaRide technology adapts to all conditions, while the Michelin rubber outsole provides a bombproof grip.

Wave Inspire – A moderate shoe for every occasion and a special footfall – a two-piece outsole design ensures a soft and flexible heel.

Wave Rider – The Original. The model that first integrated wave technology and gave runners an unforgettable "rider feeling". In the 23rd version even closer to the optimal running experience.

Wave Daichi – Dynamic trail shoe with excellent traction and reinforced heel and toe caps for extra protection. Well cushioned in every situation.

Wave Ibuki - For the toughest outdoor adventures. The brand new Ibuki, with a durable X10 lug profile outsole, is now available as a GTX version to avoid getting your feet wet on trails.

Wave Stream - Developed to give beginners a fast feeling of flow as well, the U4icX heel cushioning and mesh upper provide a lot of comfort and motivation to continue running.

Wave Shadow – Designed for speed, the Shadow combines comfortable cushioning with responsiveness and a barefoot feel. Fits like a glove.

Wave Duel – Want a new personal 5k or marathon best? A new wave construction helps you generate more propulsion and new top speeds. Stylish and fast.

Wave Sonic – A flat and explosive shoe for interval training on the track or speed units on the road. The innovative ESS Wave plate generates a lot of power with every step.

Wave Hayate – An aggressive trail racer that shines on technically demanding tracks. The proven Michelin rubber outsole and an ESS rock slab in the forefoot area provide for a smooth ride.