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Restube – For More Freedom and Safety in the Water!

Restube is more than just buoyancy. It can be so compactly stowed in the bag that you can always carry at the belt or equipment. So everyone can enjoy the time in the water even more! And if it comes to a critical situation, a pull on the trigger is all it takes to inflate the Restube buoy in a matter of seconds using the built-in CO2 cartridge. » Read more

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Buoyancy, Safety and Visibility at All Times

We all want to enjoy a good and safe time in the water. To minimize the risks in the water and to sharpen the awareness for dangers, RESTUBE has set itself the highest goal and with the inflatable Restube buoy has created a safety system that provides buoyancy and visibility.

Folded together, Restube is a small package, hardly bigger than a smartphone and weighing only 200 grams. The inflatable backup does not interfere with swimming or other sporting activities. When needed, Restube inflates into a buoy in seconds by pulling the trigger, giving you time to orient yourself in the water, recharge your batteries, help others or draw attention to yourself thanks to the signal colour. Back on land, the buoy can be equipped with a new cartridge and can be directly reused when folded.

Restube is suitable for both professional and recreational swimmers. Kite surfers, stand up paddlers, surfers, snorkelers and boaters also trust the minimalist product, which brings enormous freedom. Restube is also suitable for families with children (recommended from 10 years). There are a total of four different versions of Restube, which differ in small details and are thus optimally adapted to every application.

Restube Swim - Small, Lightweight, Fast

With the swim version, RESTUBE has an ultra-light version for ambitious swimmers in its product portfolio. The innovative buoy material and the special bag design make the Restube Swim extremely small and light. With a weight of only 210 g and dimensions of 12 x 6 x 4 cm it is the smallest and lightest Restube. Restube Swim can be fixed around the hip in two directions and is almost weightless in water. Compactly attached to the hip belt, the folded lifebuoy inflates itself within seconds and has a buoyancy of 75 N after a short, powerful pull on the trigger. Leaning over the buoy, the buoyancy is sufficient to keep an adult's airways over the surface at all times. Another feature of the Restube Swim is the Active Belt. This – together with the integrated RESTUBE stick - helps to position the Restube and prevents it from slipping when swimming. Ideal for ambitious swimmers and triathletes.

In addition to this version, the handy inflatable buoy is also available in Basic, Classic and Sports versions. The latter is equipped with a particularly robust bag and splint closure and is ideal for kiting, windsurfing and SUP paddling.