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Salomon – Make any terrain your playground

Salomon has been playing in the French alps since 1947. Their passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and craftsmanship has driven them - and still does - to create progressive gear to enable you to freely enjoy and challenge yourself in the great outdoors. » Read more

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Salomon – Now, it‘s time to play

Nowadays people take less and less time to play and to connect with nature. Ever higher speed and ever more stress set the tone in our society today. Salomon wants to encourage people to play again - to enjoy and to improve. Salomon makes it possible to develop further, to have fun and to get in contact with nature.

Salomon himself has been playing in the French Alps since 1947. François Salomon founded the company with his wife and son in the southern French town of Annecy. In the beginning, ski boards and ski bindings were manufactured, and in 1992 Salomon began to manufacture hiking boots, thus gaining a foothold in the summer sports market.
Today the Salomon collection includes a wide range of outdoor clothing for men, women and children - whether jackets, trousers or shoes for running, trail running, hiking and winter shoes. Equipment such as glasses, backpacks, sports bags and drinking systems also have their place in the Salomon portfolio.

S/LAB – The future belongs to the players

Salomon's S/LAB Vision can be described in two words: play and progress. One is not possible without the other. Engineers, designers and athletes work together to shape the future. Never satisfied, never satisfied, never ceasing to dream, creating exceptional performance equipment that meets even the highest demands: the Salomon S/LAB collection. This process results in products of the highest quality in the world.
The goal behind the S/LAB collection is to push everyday goals, to go further and to play on the edge of the possible. In nature. Nature knows no boundaries, just as Salomon knows no boundaries. The product developers are dreaming on and on; playing on and moving beyond the limits they think possible, without restriction.

The S/LAB collection includes drinking backpacks, running trousers, running shirts, jackets and of course trail running shoes. First and foremost, Salomon's flagship model S/LAB Sense 7 - the benchmark for lightness, precision, ground feel and great fit. This competition shoe undercuts the 200 gram limit and with its key criteria has managed to become a favourite for competition athletes.