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Santa Cruz Bicycles – High-End Mountain Bikes & E-Bikes

Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1994 in Santa Cruz, California, in an old cannery. The first mountain bike - the Tazmon - was an innovative full suspension bike with 80mm travel. Since then, Santa Cruz is building bikes that allow you to go further, faster and higher. Whether Santa Cruz mountain bike or e-bike, Santa Cruz creates the off-road experience for you.

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Santa Cruz - High-Quality Bikes since 1994.

Santa Cruz produces high-performance mountain bikes for real bike enthusiasts: From the Santa Cruz gravel bike to versatile trail bikes and electric mountain bikes to downhill full suspension bikes with 215mm travel - Santa Cruz has everything you need for the trail shredding.

In addition to excellent quality and finishing of the Santa Cruz bicycles, the extremely versatile and powerful VPP rear triangle system of the mountain bikes contributes to the cult status of the Californian brand. It is designed to work optimally with the best available shocks: With the aid of a small lever behind the bottom bracket, the position of the swing arm pivot changes over the spring travel range. The chain tension pushes the VPP frame upwards and counteracts the unwanted downward movement caused by pedaling. The shock absorber does not react to the influence of the pedals and the annoying swinging up is effectively prevented: for efficient climbing and acceleration with sensitive response. The VPP system offers great design flexibility and allows Santa Cruz to adjust the shock absorber rates to the intended purpose and character of each model. To simplify maintenance and ensure a long service life, the VPP rotary axes are equipped with large angular contact ball bearings and the link with a grease lubrication nipple - quite unique in the bicycle industry.

Santa Cruz Bicycles – High-End Fullys, Hardtails and Cyclocrossers

Megatower, Bullit or Nomad? - Santa Cruz Bikes & E-Bikes

Santa Cruz offers a variety of mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes and gravel bikes.

A highlight from the Santa Cruz range is the 5010, a lightweight and lively trail bike and Danny MacAskill's bike of choice. Fast flow trails, rocky trial passages, the local 4Cross track or adventurous rides - the 5010 can do it all. With the hardtail Santa Cruz Chameleon, the name says it all. A true quick-change artist is hidden here. Today 29", tomorrow 27.5"? Shifting or single-speed? No problem and far from everything: It also offers the possibility of varying the chainstay length by 15 mm. The Santa Cruz Tallboy blurs the boundaries between cross country and trail. The trail bike climbs almost as well as an XC bike, but demonstrates its true strengths especially on downhill. The Santa Cruz Hightower is one of the most versatile trail bikes in the Santa Cruz portfolio: Where it is twisty and steep, it plays its advantages to the full and provides enormous riding fun. The Santa Cruz Megatower Enduro fullsuspension bike is the downhill-oriented counterpart to the Hightower. With a chassis based on the Santa Cruz V10, it is one of the most competitive enduro bikes in the product range. Those who prefer rough terrain will climb onto the Santa Cruz Nomad, which has truly earned a place of honor among the noble freeride bikes. Despite plenty of suspension travel and extreme geometry that redefine the limits of what can be ridden, the Nomad remains a universal all-rounder. One of the most versatile bikes in the Santa Cruz range is the Santa Cruz Bronson. Whether long distances on the home trail or in the bike park - the Bronson feels at home everywhere. The Santa Cruz V10 is the race bike of the Santa Cruz Syndicate World Cup DH team and the reference for all downhill riders.

The first e-mountain bike of the iconic brand from California is the Santa Cruz Heckler: full carbon frame, VPP suspension and pedal assist technology make it a lightweight and agile all-round bike that provides plenty of action. Rocks, jumps and extremely steep downhills - the Santa Cruz Bullit e-mtb is a mixture of Megatower and Nomad with electric support from a Shimano EP8 motor. That makes it the perfect choice for the longest and most challenging trails.

Of course, a sophisticated gravel bike can't be missing in the Santa Cruz bicycle range. The Santa Cruz Stigmata Crosser with carbon frame invites you to ride full throttle on forest and gravel trails. Lightweight, stiff, but still with noticeable comfort on rough trails.

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Cyclocrossers are suitable for cross-country races and are the ideal choice if you want to train your body and use your mobile fitness equipment to strengthen your leg muscles on the go. These road bikes are particularly robust. You can gain momentum quickly with the Cyclocrosser even on what feels like an impossible stretch.

Santa Cruz E-Bikes

To be able to ride all kinds of trails, you need a stable mountain bike. This also applies when choosing which e-bike is the one for you. Some e-bikes are better suited for smooth paths, while other models are also suitable for driving on uneven forest paths and for trekking. But there are also hybrids suitable for cycling on all kinds of trails.

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

  • Santa Cruz Chameleon: MX & 29" trail hardtail
  • Santa Cruz Highball: 29" XC hardtail
  • Santa Cruz Blur: 29" full-suspension XC bike
  • Santa Cruz Tallboy: 29" trail bike
  • Santa Cruz 5010: 27.5" trail bike
  • Santa Cruz Hightower: 29" trail bike
  • Santa Cruz Megatower: 29" enduro mtb
  • Santa Cruz Bronson: MX enduro mtb
  • Santa Cruz Nomad: 27,5" freeride bike
  • Santa Cruz V10: MX & 29" downhill mtb

Santa Cruz E-Mountainbikes

  • Santa Cruz Heckler: MX & 29" Enduro e-mtb
  • Santa Cruz Bullit: MX Enduro e-mtb

Santa Cruz Gravel Bikes

  • Santa Cruz Stigmata: Gravel/CX bike with 700c & 650b tires