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SCOTT Road Bikes - Innovation and Performance

Few bike companies have the term innovation so integrated into their corporate DNA, as SCOTT. SCOTT road bikes are synonymous with lightness, efficiency and comfort. If you choose a SCOTT road bike or a gravel bike, you can not go wrong. Below we give you an overview of the SCOTT road bikes. They range from the classic race bike to the women's road bike and thus cover all areas.

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SCOTT Bikes: The History of Innovation

If you look at the history of SCOTT, you come across countless innovations that have had a lasting impact on various sports. This is exactly the DNA of SCOTT and with such an innovation the history of the company began. In 1958, the US ski racer and engineer Ed Scott revolutionized the sport of skiing. Until that time, ski poles were made of bamboo and steel. SCOTT developed a narrow-tapered ski pole made of aluminum, which offered numerous advantages. This was the cornerstone for the company, which today not only manufactures products for winter sports. SCOTT has also made a name for itself in motocross, running and cycling.

Today, SCOTT describes its corporate philosophy with two slogans. "We are Innovators" clearly refers to the company's roots. "No Shortscuts" describes the corporate goal of uncompromisingly and consistently doing what helps athletes pursue their passion in the best possible way. In other words: "There are those who simply cycle and those who live for cycling".

The Most Important SCOTT Innovations

That SCOTT stands for innovation is small clumsy marketing talk. If we look at the company's history, we repeatedly come across product innovations that have shaped entire sports disciplines. In 1989 SCOTT introduced the first aero handlebar: promptly SCOTT rider Greg Lemond secured the Tour de France victory. Only two years later SCOTT with its Unishock suspension mixed up the mountain bike market. 1995 presented one with the Endorphin its first carbon Mountainbike. In the road bike sector SCOTT provided 2007 with its Addict frame for a drumbeat and presented the lightest road bike ever with 790 grams. We could go on for a long time, which proves: SCOTT really stands for innovation - then as now.

What Characterizes SCOTT Road Bikes?

Road bikes from the house of SCOTT have a long history. This history brings with it a wealth of experience, which is reflected in all bikes from SCOTT. SCOTT road bikes are insanely sophisticated and absolutely precise. It's about giving you the best possible support in the hunt for seconds. And it's about giving you the perfect experience on the bike. From pure race bike to gravel bike: You can rely on a road bike from SCOTT.

What Types of SCOTT Road Bikes Are There?

SCOTT offers all kinds of drop bar bikes that exist. Among them super light road bikes for racing. Who likes to ride long tours and is looking for a comfortable bike, will find it in the SCOTT Endurance road bikes. For time trials and triathlons SCOTT Aero road bikes are just right. If you like to take a trip off-road or on bumpy roads, take a closer look at SCOTT Gravelbikes. And of course SCOTT also develops road bikes for women, which specifically address the needs and desires of women. 

SCOTT E-Road Bikes: Higher, Longer, Steeper

In the development of the Addict eRide, the unmotorized SCOTT Addict was the model. This was no easy task: a World Tour road bike and an e-road bike do not have much in common at first glance. SCOTT has succeeded in transferring the racing genes into a motorized racing bike. The result is an insanely successful e-race bike, which you do not see that it has a motor and a battery. This is ensured by a Mahle hub motor and a Mahle battery with 250 Wh capacity. And for you this means: With the SCOTT E-Road Bike Addict eRide you can start earlier and come home later. From now on your motto is: Higher, faster and steeper!

SCOTT Lightweight - Uncompromisingly Fast Road Bikes

Under the category "Lightweight" you will find "classic" road bikes at SCOTT - working equipment for ambitious cyclists and cyclists and of course for racing. If every ride is training for you and you do not miss any KOM/QOM ranking, then a lightweight road bike from SCOTT is your thing. SCOTT's flagship bike traditionally goes by the name Addict. In 2007 it was introduced with a bang as the lightest road bike ever. In this tradition, it is continued to this day. The Addict is available in different equipment variations. The SCOTT Addict RC Ultimate road bike for men is the absolute top model in this category. The SCOTT Contessa Addict road bike was specially designed for ladies.

SCOTT Gravel - Road Bikes for Offroad Use

There are two model series in the category SCOTT Gravel Bike. In the SCOTT Addict Gravel, the name reveals what the philosophy behind it is. As with the classic road bike counterpart, the Addict Gravel is also trimmed for efficiency and lightness. It comes with carbon frame and high-quality equipment, which also provides ideal conditions in racing. For price-conscious Gravel pilots and everyday cyclists, the SCOTT Speedster Gravel is the ideal bike. It comes with aluminum frame and equipment that does not burden your wallet too much - so that it is still enough for the After Ride Burrito. The model variant with mudguards is particularly well suited for everyday use. For women, SCOTT has the corresponding models SCOTT Contessa Addict and SCOTT Contessa Speedster.

SCOTT Contessa - Road Bikes Especially for Women

We have already mentioned them several times: special SCOTT Contessa women's bikes. They are based on the SCOTT men's road bikes and carry almost the same names. The addition Contessa reveals, however, that these are special women's models. These were developed to respond particularly well to the wishes and needs of women. Particular attention was paid to the contact points of female riders with their bikes. From the handlebars to the saddle SCOTT women's road bikes are designed so that they fit perfectly to the female anatomy.

SCOTT Endurance - Road Bike Pleasure Unlimited

A SCOTT Endurance road bike is all about comfort on long tours. When you're in the saddle from morning till night, it's not about every gram and uncompromising aerodynamics. Rather, it is important that you can still pedal loosely and without pain even after hours. Accordingly, SCOTT Endurance road bikes are designed for significantly more comfort than their purebred race bike counterparts. They have a geometry that is designed for endurance touring. The equipment always takes this aspect into account. The names of the models also provide information about the focus of the individual bikes: The Addict models stand for low weight and high-quality equipment. The Speedster models come with aluminum frame and attractive price-performance ratio. The SCOTT Metrix model range consistently implements the idea of comfort: These bikes are equipped with straight handlebars and in the version with mudguards, among other things, perfectly suited as a commuting bike. Also in the SCOTT Endurance racing bikes, the addition Contessa stands for the models that have been optimized specifically for women.

SCOTT Aero Road Bikes - Specialists for Time Trial and Triathlon

For time trial and triathlon counts above all one thing: absolute wind cutting. Optimized in every detail, uncompromising aerodynamics awaits you in the SCOTT Aero race bikes. We present: the SCOTT Foil and SCOTT Plasma. The SCOTT Foil is the classic aero road bike that regularly ensures stage wins and podium finishes in professional cycling. It is an enormously versatile aero road bike and at the same time one of the lightest on the market. In the Plasma SCOTT pulls out all the stops in terms of aerodynamics. The SCOTT Plasma is a thoroughbred triathlon aero road bike with integrated hydration system, transport boxes and a fully integrated cable routing. With this bike you have the potential to fly towards the stage win!