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Sidi – Success through performance, comfort and passion

Quality, tradition, innovation, style and comfort. Whether as MTB shoe or on the road bike, SIDI cycling shoes convince in every respect. The Italian manufacturer's 60 years of heritage is reflected in absolutely exceptional products. The best cyclists worldwide rely on SIDI and make sure that their shoes are regularly represented on the winners' podiums around the world. In addition to its unique fit and workmanship, SIDI embodies one thing above all: innovative technologies in all price ranges. » Read more

SIDI - Italian MTB Shoes for Women & Men
SIDI - Italian Road Bike Shoes for Women & Men
SIDI - Italian Bike Shoes for MTB, Road Bike, Triathlon in SALE

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Made up of the first syllables of the name of Sidi’s founder, Dino Signori, the brand name today stands for first-quality road and mountain biking shoes. Several things make Sidi unique in the world of cycling products: exceptional quality, the balance between tradition and innovation, lots of style, perfect comfort – and of course limitless passion.

In addition to their unique fit and high quality workmanship, Sidi cycling shoes embody innovative technologies in all price categories.
In particular, the simple and inexpensive replacement of various wear parts is a valuable advantage of all Sidi shoes in both the road and MTB sectors. 
By the way, the brand produces exclusively in Europe.

Another key to the brand’s success: complimenting their standard last, around the shoes are crafted and which defines the fit, Sidi offers certain models with special lasts: WOMEN, designed for the more narrow female foot and MEGA, which caters to customers with wider feet.

And so the following applies: Whether at the Tour de France, Giro d' Italia, the XC World Mountain Bike Championship, the local amateurs race or among sporty recreational riders – Sidi shoes are always well represented and provide an uncompromising, reliable connection between athlete and training equipment under all conditions.

SIDI Road Bike Shoes - Performance and Italian Design for the Road

The traditional brand SIDI stands for highest quality and reliability and this for professionals, recreational athletes and everyday riders alike. The brand new road bike shoes Sixty and Genius 10 inspire racing cyclists in many fresh colors and exciting designs. 20 years after its foundation in 1960, SIDI is trumping with the anniversary model Sixty, which sets new standards in terms of lightness and technology: with only 500 grams per pair, the Sixty is the lightest shoe in the Italian's previous portfolio. The new and innovative Tecno-4 closure is completely detached from the shoe tongue and allows a completely even and individual adjustment and pressure distribution. Additionally, the SIDI Sixty offers an excellent ventilated and stiff Vent Carbon Sole with changeable Heel Pad. For performance-oriented riders the Sixty is the first choice.

SIDI MTB Shoes - Reliability and Durability for the Trail

SIDI is an expert in all mountain bike disciplines. Both the cross country and marathon shoe Eagle 10 and the enduro and downhill shoe Dimaro convince with outstanding performance, clever details, individual adjustability and extraordinary durability. Besides the outstanding performance, SIDI MTB shoes offer a noble Italian design in fresh colors, so that every type of rider is guaranteed to find his or her optimal footwear.

With the new Dimaro, SIDI dares to enter the world of gravity and scores with a wealth of well-thought-out features. The microfiber surface and centrally placed oversized hook and loop straps keep dirt out and feet dry. However, the neoprene protection over the heel, which reliably keeps dirt out of the shoe, and the protective toe box integrated at the tip of the foot are more decisive for DH and Enduro bikers.

Together with the renowned manufacturer Vibram, an extremely stable outer sole was created especially for the Dimaro. It offers walking comfort, outstanding grip on platform pedals and is equipped to accept 2-hole shoe cleats thanks to the removable profile plate.

SIDI Triathlon Shoes - New Record Times and Even Faster Changes

Elaborate twist-lock fasteners, which are common for high-quality road bike shoes, are rather obstructive for triathlon shoes. A quick and safe change from water to bike would be more difficult under certain circumstances. Therefore, SIDI triathlon shoes have a special closure system with wide hook and loop fasteners. Breathable upper material as well as a large perforation serve to ventilate and drain water, which can often get into the shoe with the feet when changing. When every second counts and efficiency has to be combined with ergonomics in one shoe, SIDI is on the shoe in the first transition zone.

SIDI Socks & Overshoes - the Perfect Complement for the Perfect Cycling Shoe

Socks and overshoes from SIDI. Perfectly fitting feel-good quality "Made in Italy". The socks: classic, colorful and available in different lengths. The shoe covers: In the fight against wind and weather the perfect complement to the cycling shoe from Italy. The passionate cyclist can be recognized by the details.

SIDI Spare Parts - Extend the Life of your SIDI Cycling Shoe

SIDI offers many spare parts for the complete range of shoes. These can either be replaced by yourself or by your specialist dealer, should a part of the shoe become worn out after years of intensive use. From the locking system to the heel plate, almost every spare part from SIDI can be reordered at BIKE24. For years SIDI has thus been making an exemplary contribution to the increasingly important issue of sustainability, as shoes do not have to be thrown away immediately when they show signs of simple wear. And this for at least 5 years after the end of production of a model.