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SKS GERMANY Bike Pumps, Mini Pumps and More from the Sauerland Region

SKS GERMANY is a traditional company from the Sauerland region. It is known for its high-quality pumps and mudguards as well as for its sustainable corporate philosophy. SKS GERMANY stands for quality, durability and for an inclusive, open corporate culture. It also stands for Made in Germany: from the bike pump to the bottle cage, everything is made locally in the small town of Sundern. And if something breaks? SKS GERMANY has many spare parts in its range so that you can continue to enjoy your product.

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Who doesn't know it: the legendary Rennkompressor from SKS GERMANY ? It is something special when a company succeeds in developing a product that is still in the range decades later. The Rennkompressor is such a product. It is more than just an air pump. It is a piece of bicycle history and a piece of company history. It stands for bicycle pumps made in Germany. It is synonymous with bicycle pumps from SKS GERMANY.

Air pumps are an important part of the product range of the bicycle accessories specialist from Sauerland. Yet the history of SKS GERMANY once began with a different product. The brand was founded in 1921 and initially produced curtain rods. The company headquarters have always been in Sundern, in the middle of the Sauerland region. In 1932, the company took over an air pump manufacturer from the region: the beginning of SKS GERMANY as a bicycle parts specialist.

In 1966, SKS GERMANY presented the Rennkompressor. A milestone for the company, which continued to develop. In the meantime, the processing of plastic had entered production and with it a new product category: the SKS GERMANY wheel guard. By wheel guard, the brand meant the classic mudguard. Because plastic was used and not sheet metal, a new name was chosen. In the meantime, they have returned to the classic term of mudguard. Today, bicycle bags, luggage racks, mobile phone holders and all kinds of practical accessories complete the product range. 

SKS GERMANY: Focus on Sustainability

SKS GERMANY is one of those companies that has always acted sustainably. The big topic of sustainability is not a trend here, but part of the corporate philosophy. This includes the fact that SKS GERMANY attaches great importance to good quality. If a product breaks, it can be repaired: There are suitable spare parts for many defects. Sustainability means regionality for the company. Most products are produced locally in Sundern. If necessary and possible, companies from the region help out. Powder coating, for example, is carried out by a company in the surrounding area. Inclusion is also an important issue. For this reason, SKS GERMANY works together with Caritas from the area. They take over the pre-assembly of certain products.

SKS GERMANY Mudguards – Wetness Protection Made Easy

SKS GERMANY offers a wide range of mudguards for bicycles. It ranges from classic mudguards for city and touring bikes to the minimalist plastic MTB mudguards for occasional use. With the Speedrocker, the company even has easy-to-mount fenders for gravel bikes – the gravel mudguards like the Speedrocker fender set – in its range. Many SKS GERMANY mudguards are available for all possible wheel sizes. In this way, you can easily find suitable mudguards for special applications on cargo bikes or fatbikes. 

With fenders from SKS GERMANYyou have a huge choice, whether you're just looking for rear mudguards or sets. The classic mudguards like the Bluemels or the stylish Edge are attached directly to the frame at fixed mounting points. Models like the Speedrocker Set and the Raceblade can be mounted independently of such eyelets with their quick-release mounting system. They are perfect for mounting on sporty bikes with carbon aero frames and forks. Mudguards like the Flap Guard or the Shockblade are minimalist. They are attached with a quick release system or cable ties and are specially designed for use on mountain bikes. As with the pumps, you can find spare parts for your SKS GERMANY mudguard with which you can repair defects.


Bicycle pumps from SKS GERMANY do not enjoy an excellent reputation for nothing. The Rennkompressor is synonymous with performance and durability and is the first choice among floor pumps from SKS GERMANY. The pumps are built in such a way that they can be repaired. If something breaks, there are spare parts for your SKS GERMANY air pump. With a pump from this brand, you are choosing a quality product made in Germany.

The flagship of the pump range are the powerful SKS GERMANY floor pumps – first and foremost the Rennkompressor. Other models for all possible areas of use complete the floor pumps portfolio. In addition, there is the Airstep foot pump, which enables exceptionally comfortable, back-friendly pumping.

Various mini pumps from SKS GERMANY are the perfect companions for on the road. The Raceday mini pump is extremely light and ideal for emergencies in the race. With the Airbuster CO2 cartridge, you'll have new air in your tires in a flash. The mini pumps such as the Airboy, the Rookie models or the Injex pumps offer a good mix of pumping power, low weight and compact dimensions. The USP, MSP and SAM pumps are special pumps for filling air shocks on full-suspension mountain bikes.

SKS GERMANY Luggage Racks: The Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

Infinity Universal is the name of the own luggage carrier system from SKS GERMANY. Thanks to its variable attachment, it fits on every bike. It is not screwed to the conventional mounting eyelets, but lashed to the struts of the rear triangle with nylon straps. This makes the SKS GERMANY luggage rack interesting for all bikes on which no conventional luggage rack fits. In this way, for example, suspension enduro mountain bikes can be upgraded for longer bike trips.

The luggage rack from fits perfectly with other products from the SKS GERMANY universe. Bike bags and mudguards can be attached to the Infinity Universal carrier with a click. In this way, you can transport up to 12 kg of luggage safely and without wobbling. 

SKS GERMANY Bottle Cages, Mobile Phone Holders, Bike Bags and More ...

In addition to the classic SKS GERMANY products (pumps and mudguards), many other gadgets come from the beautiful Sauerland region. These include, for example, mobile phone holders for the bicycle handlebar, bottle holders, drinking bottles, digital tyre pressure gauges, bicycle cleaners and SKS multitools. 


Does SKS GERMANY Actually Produce in Germany?

Yes, SKS GERMANY consistently sticks to its location in Germany and employs around 400 people from the region here. This includes around 30 trainees.

What Happens if My Product from SKS GERMANY Is Defective?

Don't worry, you don't have to throw it away straight away. SKS GERMANY offers all kinds of spare parts for many products, so that most defects can be "patched". We have many of them in our shop. The best overview can be found on the SKS GERMANY service page. There you will find all operating instructions and available spare parts. By the way: SKS GERMANY is present at many racing events. There you have the opportunity to get personal help at the SKS GERMANY stand. It's worth a visit.

Which SKS GERMANY Bike Pump Is the Right One for Me?

It depends on what kind of bike you have and whether you want to pump at home or on the road. Floor pumps from SKS GERMANY are suitable for stationary use. They offer excellent performance, are stable and durable. They are not so suitable for taking along on a bike tour, they are too big for that. This is where the mini pumps come in. They are available for different types of bikes. If you ride a road bike, you need a pump that can generate high air pressure. For a mountain bike it is important that your SKS GERMANY mini pump can quickly fill as much volume as possible. Here the pressure is less important. Many mini pumps from SKS GERMANY have an adjustment system. Either you pump with maximum volume flow or with high pressure. 

Does SKS GERMANY Have Shock Pumps in Its Range?

Yes. The USP, MSP and SAM shock pumps were developed to fill modern air shocks of mountain bike fullys as well as suspension forks.

Which SKS GERMANY Mudguard Fits My Bike?

There is no general answer to this question. One thing is certain: There is an SKS GERMANY mudguard that fits your bike. The brand offers all types of mudguards for all bike sizes, from fixed mudguards to plug-in systems. It's best to use our filter function. You will quickly find the models that are suitable for your bike.