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Specialized Road Bikes

Specialized road bikes regularly redefine the performance boundaries. In terms of weight, stiffness, efficiency, comfort and handling characteristics, drop bar bikes from Specialized play in the top league. Why this is so, we go into the following. In addition, you will get an overview of the different areas of application of Specialized road bikes. We explain which frame materials are used and what makes the individual Specialized models.

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Performance, Cross or Gravel - which Specialized Road Bike Suits You?

Specialized covers every range of drop bar bikes you can imagine. The Tarmac is the classic road bike in the Specialized product range. It is designed to go as fast as possible - the name says it all! The Tarmac is lightweight, efficient and aerodynamically optimized. Speed, of course, is in the DNA of the Aethos. This Specialized road bike it is designed for passionate endurance use. Maximum performance it has additionally in the blood and makes no compromises in the choice of components or materials. If you are looking for maximum road bike comfort, the Roubaix is your bike. Thanks to Future Shock 2.0 and a Pavé seatpost, it combines silky smooth riding characteristics with maximum efficiency. The Allez is Specialized's entry-level bike. It comes at a great price without compromising on build quality and durability.

In addition to the classic road bikes, Specialized has other models in its lineup. The Shiv TT is a thoroughbred triathlon/time trial bike. If you're looking for a classic cyclocross bike, the Crux is your thing. Meanwhile, the Diverge gravel bike is a true classic for gravel use.

Aluminum or Carbon? - Specialized Road Bike Frames

Which frame material is the best for which application? This question is easy to answer. If you're looking for an uncompromisingly high-performance road bike, carbon is the frame material of choice these days. Carbon is absolutely proven and durable. It's lightweight, stiff, and can be molded into any shape imaginable. This brings with it many advantages. It's a way to implement distinctly comfortable designs or build frames that are uncompromisingly aerodynamic. FACT is the name of the Specialized road bike carbon technology. All this does not mean that aluminum is not a good material. In many disciplines, carbon easily has the edge. Nevertheless, frames with excellent properties can be built from aluminum. A big advantage: high-quality aluminum frames are nowadays available at absolutely affordable prices. For this reason, aluminum is mainly used for entry-level bikes like the Allez. Aluminum has another advantage: It is more robust against contact with sharp-edged stones or rocks, for example. In the event of damage, it is much easier to repair. For this reason, aluminum is used in bikes like the Specialized Diverge. This gravel bike from Specialized is designed for use on real adventures. If there are problems on the road, you are on the safe side with an aluminum frame.

What Equipment do Specialized Road Bikes have and what makes them Special?

Of course, this question can not be answered across the board. The fact is: Specialized relies on high-quality, proven components. Of course, this makes for some models for considerable prices. In return, you don't make any compromises. If you want the best of the best, you can look to Specialized S-Works models. S-Works stands for Specialized for the ultimate - more is not possible!

Beyond that, you should ask yourself the following questions: Disc brake or rim brake? Mechanical or electronic shifting? The respective systems have advantages and disadvantages. In the meantime, it can be said that disc brakes and electronic shifting groups have prevailed. The advantages are obvious: disc brakes offer consistent, maximum braking power under all conditions. Electronic shift groups are unmatched in terms of precision. If you're looking for a state-of-the-art, low-maintenance road bike, disc brakes and an electronic groupset are right for you. If you like it more traditional, rim brakes and a mechanical shifting group are still a good alternative. Both offer advantages. Rim brakes are extremely lightweight and easier to repair if they break while you're on the road. The same applies to mechanical groupsets. These do not require electronic components and batteries - a good argument for the traditional way.

What Characterizes the Specialized Brand and what Innovative Technologies are Used?

Specialized is known for the fact that every single part is questioned and optimized until it is perfect. Countless innovations go to the account of Specialized. For example, FACT stands for the holistic approach with which Specialized develops and manufactures its carbon parts. From the first sketch to the final product one follows strict specifications, so that in the end the best possible product stands.

Rider First Engineered is also a good example of the Specialized philosophy. Behind this is the precise adaptation of each frame to the sizes of different riders. This means that a small frame - such as a Specialized women's road bike - should feel exactly the same as a large frame. This is not usually the case with conventional bikes, because there is usually a scaling of the dimensions. With Specialized, they take a more detailed look. Each frame is calculated exactly and all forces are measured. This ensures that, for example, the front of the frame offers exactly the same stiffness feel for all sizes. In other words, a small rider should have the same riding experience as an XXL rider.

Specialized road bikes stand for sophisticated aerodynamics. Constantly Specialized is looking for further improvements to build even more streamlined bikes. This goal becomes challenging when a road bike should be extremely comfortable at the same time. For this goal Specialized reaches deep into the bag of tricks. With its Future Shock 2.0 system, Specialized succeeds in combining the characteristics of a performance road bike with a highly comfortable endurance road bike. The Future Shock system is hidden in the head tube and offers up to 20 mm vertical compliance.

Sophisticated Specialized Accessories for Road Bikes: SWAT

SWAT stands for Storage, Water, Air, Tools. Above all, SWAT stands for extremely sophisticated accessories from the house Specialized. From the bottle cage with integrated minitool to the BIB with sophisticated pockets for all kinds of accessories - the range is extremely comprehensive. A look at the products of the Specialized SWAT line is worth it!