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Specialized TURBO SL - Lightweight Premium E-Bikes to Reach Your Destinations

The extra light Specialized TURBO SL e-bikes will set you apart from the crowd and support your performance, so you always get where you want to go on and off-road. For roads, choose the TUBRO CREO SL, which is visually and weight-wise hardly distinguishable from a road bike without a motor. In everyday life you can also enjoy the sophisticated TURBO SL concept with the VADO pedelec. Off the road, after a stressful working day, you can really get down to business with a TURBO LEVO SL E-MTB. The Specialized S-WORKS models are also the absolute top of the TURBO SL e-bike range.

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What's so Special about Specialized TURBO SL E-Bikes?

As one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles and bike equipment, Specialized has always set trends in the bike business. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the in-house development department in Switzerland developed the first Specialized E-MTB in 2009, the TURBO LEVO.
"Innovate or Die" - the e-bike designers and developers did not stop at this point. With the objectives to reduce weight, improve handling and still guarantee the same strength, they have pushed the limits of the possible in many concept studies.
The final result of the specific use of carbon for the frame and components, a weight-optimized electric motor-battery combination and particularly light suspension and shifting parts is called "TURBO SL".
SL stands for Superlight, meaning Specialized TURBO E-Bikes with such a remarkably low weight and agile handling that you will think you are riding a bike without motor assistance.

For Which Type of Rider the Specialized TURBO SL E-Bikes Are Suitable?

Specialized TURBO SL electric bicycles are ideal for sporty, ambitious riders who want to increase power and range where it makes sense. For example, not every rider can do endurance training several times a week but can be at a good level of riding technique. Such or interested riders at a more advanced age will benefit optimally from the Specialized TURBO SL concept, which includes the perfectly integrated SL 1.1 motors with optimized maximum power and a battery with a tuned capacity.
Specialized has developed the Turbo Connect UNIT (TCU) exclusively for the TURBO SL system, allowing you to collect kilometers carefree and keep everything under control on the trail. It shows you in ten steps how much battery capacity is still left.
The TURBO SL series e-bikes are usually available in Comp, Expert and S-Works Turbo versions. If you prefer aluminium as frame material, you can also buy a TURBO SL with aluminium frame.

What Are the Advantages of the Specialized TURBO Concept?

All frames, the complete e-bike drivetrain and many bike parts are proprietary developments of Specialized. In the TURBO concept, this enables the integration of motor and battery in the frame as well as optimal design and tuning of the e-bikes. Also, technologies such as FSR, Future Shock or proven geometries can be adapted through perfect integration.
Furthermore, the mid drive motor developed in the Swiss Specialized R&D Center impress with a smooth and powerful output, yet with a pleasant operating noise level.
Thanks to a technology called Seamless Assistance, the motor support is automatically adapted to the riders performance and to the ambient conditions, creating a particularly natural riding experience and eliminating the need for manual adjustment. On all models with straight handlebars (Camo, Vado, Levo & Kenevo), you can change the riding mode at any time using the handlebar remote control.
The used lithium-ion batteries have a long service life and consistently high power output. This is achieved by the Specialized Battery Management System (BMS). In addition, the range can be extended via Specialized Range Extenders so that you can concentrate on your destination and not on the next power source.

Specialized TURBO Mission Control

If you want more control, the Specialized Mission Control smartphone app allows you to create your own individual custom setup. Using ANT+ or Bluetooth®, the rider can easily connect a smartphone to the TURBO drivetrain and has absolute control over the battery charge level and the various riding modes. It is also possible to record a route or upload a track. Based on the geodata contained in the track, the software can optimize performance and battery consumption.
A connection to other control units such as the Specialized TURBO Connect cycling computers or navigation devices is often also possible. The BIKE24 customer service will be glad to advise you.

Specialized TURBO VADO SL e-bike with integrated TCU

Which TURBO SL E-Bike Suits Best to My Needs?

The TURBO CREO SL - E-Road Bike and Gravel E-Bike in One!

For road and gravel riders, the Californian manufacturer with the distinctive S has created the unique TURBO CREO SL.
Not everyone is a born climber or racer like Peter Sagan, with the CREO SL you can also have fun on climbs and additionally you can enjoy the panorama of the track and thanks to disc brakes you can also ride downhills at full speed.

An E-Bike for Everyday Use and Touring - the VADO SL

E-bikes for urban commuting do not have to be heavy and bulky, as the VADO SL series demonstrates.
It stands for fast, comfortable aluminium pedelecs that will allow you to run up the stairs to reach the train ready for departure easily. The VADO SL is basically available in two versions. Both models share the same frame and drivetrain design, yet the VADO 5.0 SL, reduced to the essentials, is aimed more at fitness-conscious touring and recreational cyclists, while the VADO 5.0 SL EQ with mudguards and a pannier rack is optimized for year-round, individual city riding.

TURBO LEVO SL Fully: E-MTB Shredding with low weight and ample suspension travel

Imagine you could ride even more trails in a shorter time. The LEVO SL is made for long days even in rough and rocky terrain thanks to 240 watts extra power. Its agility quickly gives you the feeling that it is not an eMTB. This is achieved by the combination of a light frame with 150 mm suspension front and rear, high-quality drivetrain components and a super-light electric motor.

Specialized TURBO LEVO SL playful E-MTB

Why Does a Specialized Turbo SL Pedelecs Cost a Little More?

With an entry price into the TURBO SL series of around 3000€ for the rather basic equipped VADO SL 4.0, the question "Why should I spend so much money on my e-bike?" is quite permitted and legitimate.
All e-bikes of the TURBO SL series convince with their unbelievably low weight for pedelecs, a maximum of integration, high-quality and durable components and an electric drivetrain that conveys pure fun.
The top models such as the Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL with FACT 11r carbon frame, carbon aero wheels, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and XTR Di2 components and a weight of less than 12 kg reach with more than 10000€ the price of a small car, but also belong to the highest quality e-bikes available on the market and at BIKE24.