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SPONSER Sport Food - High-quality Sports Nutrition According to the Latest Scientific Research

Tested and developed by athletes and with athletes. With the lived proximity to science, SPONSER succeeds again and again to bring highly functional products such as bars, gels and drinks with everyday suitability on the market and which bring a real added value in energy, power and performance.

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Support your best sports moment with SPONSER SPORT FOOD. The Swiss company stands for highly functional sports nutrition for both top athletes and recreational athletes. Whether training, competition or your ultimate bike adventure - SPONSER sports drinks and energy bars support you on the way to achieve your best performance. Energy and power through bars and gels for your ambitious and athletic lifestyle - but also supplements for nutritional supplements and performance enhancement help you to reach your goals and achieve success.


SPONSER® sports nutrition is put through its paces at numerous sports events with over 100,000 athletes every year. This means that not only SPONSER® sports nutrition, but also you are always one step ahead of the competition.


Many renowned athletes rely on SPONSER® Sport Food and Beverages. A broad network of athletes - from Olympic champions to recreational athletes - ensures a valuable transfer of experience.


SPONSER® develops its formulas independently according to the latest scientific findings and is in constant exchange with renowned opinion leaders in sports nutrition as well as universities, doctors and top athletes.

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ENERGY & ENDURANCE - SPONSER® Bars, Gel & Energy Drinks

For active endurance and outdoor athletes, energy and fluid supply are the top priorities when it comes to maximum performance. SPONSER® offers well-tolerated products for this purpose, tailored to activity and duration in numerous dosage forms:

  • SPONSER® Gel, Bars and Snacks: Exclusive and only available at SPONSER® are the resealable gels in the tube. Can be handled with one hand on the bike, resealable, without annoying sticking and smearing. Suitable for quick energy supply during your sporting challenges. Cereal Bars provide long-lasting energy. Ideal as varied snacks on your next bike ride. Energy Gums taste and wake you up. The practical fruit gums provide you with quickly available energy and are incredibly tasty.
  • SPONSER® Energy Drinks: Sports drinks and drink powders have become an indispensable part of everyday sports life. With the SPONSER® COMPETITION® sports drink, a pH-neutral drink is available. pH-neutral sports drinks are beneficial for optimal stomach tolerance. Sports drinks from SPONSER® are therefore the ideal accompaniment on your next bike tour.
  • SPONSER® Electrolyte: Anyone who is physically active for more than 5 hours a week benefits from an electrolyte supplement in sports drinks. Electrolytes support the absorption of water into the dehydrated body and are also indispensable for the conduction of muscles and nerves.

MUSCLE BUILD-UP - SPONSER® Protein Shakes and BCAA for your Strength Training

If you only ever work on your endurance capacity, you will eventually stagnate. Strength and training progress are only achieved if muscles are also built up in a targeted manner. Hard interval training, coupled training and supplementary strength units require special nutritional support.

  • SPONSER® Protein Shakes: Delicious protein shakes support your body with valuable amino acids for muscle building. Suitable for use after hard strength training as well as endurance training. Optionally as pure protein shakes or in combination with carbohydrates also as regeneration shakes.
  • BCAA products: Challenge your body and tire it out! BCAA (branched chain amino acids) play an important role in protein metabolism and can be taken both during and after exercise.

SPONSER® PERFORMANCE SUPPLEMENTS - For Mobilization of Really All Reserves

You are looking for the ultimate challenge and want to exceed your best performance? SPONSER® Performance Supplements help you achieve your goals.

  • Caffeine. Awakens and activates and promotes performance during short-term high-intensity exercise.
  • Blood Flow. A holistic diet also includes various plant ingredients that have a positive effect on blood flow. Red beet in combination with a tomato extract reduces platelet aggregation and is beneficial to healthy blood flow.
  • Creatine promotes physical performance in successive short-term workouts with high intensity. The positive effect is achieved with a daily intake of 3 g creatine.
  • Beta-Alanin. Class A supplements (Australian Institute of Sport) support the body in its maximum performance. With beta-alanine, the body's own carnosine stores can be increased. Ideal to prepare for high-intensity loads.
  • Healthy Sleep. It's not only performance, achievement and overcoming hurdles that count. Sufficient attention should also be paid to recovery. Herbal preparations for relaxation, magnesium preparations to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, and preparations with vitamin C to strengthen the immune system are important for supporting general well-being.


Health and vitality, an active lifestyle into old age combined with a healthy diet, are important factors in our lives nowadays. At the same time, just the diet suffers due to stress and lack of time and negatively affects the other points. Food supplements can - as the name says - selectively supplement a healthy and varied diet and together with a healthy lifestyle favorably influence the general well-being.


SPONSER® Nutritional Supplements for HEALTH IN AGE

Many people wish to lead an active lifestyle into old age. Nevertheless, the body begins to decline. The metabolism slows down, while the need for various nutrients increases in old age. Dietary supplements can selectively support a healthy and varied diet in old age. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, they contribute to general well-being.

SPONSER® Nutritional Supplements for HEALTH IN AGE

SPONSER® Energy Drinks, Bars for Efficient REGENERATION after Workout

The goal of optimal regeneration is to recover more quickly, feel less muscle soreness and be able to perform again quickly. Intensive training and competitions empty the energy stores and weaken the muscles in their substance. For shorter, less energetically demanding but muscularly strenuous workouts or during calorie-reduced phases, it may also make sense to reduce the carbohydrate content somewhat. Depending on the individual situation, even pure protein products can be used for regeneration. The diverse range of regeneration products from SPONSER® includes different dosage forms such as drinks/shakes, regeneration bars and additional supplements.

SPONSER® Energy Drinks, Bars for Efficient REGENERATION after Workout