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Trickstuff Brakes – Innovation from Germany

Trickstuff has been producing mtb brakes and brake accessories at the highest level since 2003. The company has been based since its very beginning in Freiburg, Germany, surrounded by trails perfect for testing its products. All its brakes have been manufactured there since 2021. When developing its products, the cult brand not only places great importance on performance, but also on the sustainable use of resources. The individual components for the high-end disc brakes are largely CNC-manufactured in the Black Forest. Spare parts for older models can be sourced to ensure long-lasting use.

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Trickstuff MTB Brakes: Developed to Meet Riders’ Needs

Good brakes are not only important for your own safety, but also greatly increase your riding fun. That’s why the engineers at Trickstuff put a lot of effort into developing the best possible products. Trickstuff places particular emphasis on the coherence of the entire brake system and its intended use. Thus, for example, the most powerful brake, the Trickstuff MAXIMA, is designed to always ensure good doseability. They are also supported by feedback from professionals all over the world who successfully use their Trickstuff brakes in tough racing conditions.

MTB Brakes at a Glance

The following Trickstuff brakes are extremely popular and have regularly won in product tests:

  • Trickstuff MAXIMA
  • Trickstuff DIRETTISSIMA
  • Trickstuff PICCOLA CARBON

Brake Discs & Accessories from Trickstuff: Faithful Companions for Absolute Braking

A good brake cannot provide the best possible deceleration without other components. Its full potential can only develop in combination with a suitable brake disc. For this reason, Trickstuff brake discs are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has a higher tensile strength. Trickstuff brake discs are also thicker, which leads to less warpage and less heat generation.

Brake Discs at a Glance

To get the most out of your Trickstuff brake, use one of the following brake discs:

  • Trickstuff Dächle HD
  • Trickstuff Dächle UL
  • Trickstuff Downhill Disc HD

Trickstuff Pads – Retrofittable Braking Performance

Better brake pads allow each brake to generate a better performance. The German company offers different pads for various brakes from other manufacturers. Every Trickstuff brake pad uses an organic pad compound. This ensures high braking performance in all conditions. In addition, each brake pad is tested for a long service life. This is why Trickstuff brake pads have won various tests in recent years.

The Brake Adapter from Trickstuff – A Clever Detail for the Finishing Touch

A different brake disc size can be fitted quickly with the right brake adapter. Special attention is paid to the adapter’s elegant design, to ensure it suits the overall appearance of an expensive, modern bike. Of course, Trickstuff offers different adapters for the various standard brake mounts.