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Technical Safety Gear – TSG Helmets for Your Safety

TSG, which stands for Technical Safety Gear, was founded in Germany in 1988. Originally, the brand was about protective equipment for skaters. At that time there was hardly any equipment to protect yourself effectively against falls. So the skateboarder Titus Dittmann founded his own brand and – based on his experience – developed effective protective clothing such as the TSG helmet and the TSG shin guards. Over time, in addition to snowboarders, mountain bikers and BMXers also became target groups – the brand’s focus broadened.

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From Practice to Professionalism

One reason for the effectiveness of TSG protective equipment is that the developers are also the users. On the one hand, this means that the practical applicability and the actual functionality of the protective equipment are actually tested by users in practice. On the other hand, their experience naturally plays a major role in the development itself.

The focus of the brand is on athletes – those who have an increased risk of falling, such as on wild mountain bike rides or jumping with a BMX on the halfpipe. For example, a TSG helmet saved the famous skater Tony Hawk from major injury when he fell on his head in 1999. Many products, including the TSG bicycle helmets, are also suitable for less ambitious athletes.

A Wide Range of Protective Equipment

Today, the brand's range not only includes various TSG helmets for bikers, skaters and snowboarders, but there is also a wide range of specific protective equipment. TSG protectors include functional elements to cover you from head to toe. In addition to TSG knee pads, TSG gloves and TSG shin guards, there are also protective shirts and protective trousers that cushion the entire body. The protective bike clothing range at TSG is extensive, including special waterproof trousers, rain jackets and functional socks.

The TSG Helmet: A Wide Range

There is now a very large selection of very different TSG helmets. Most helmets feature their characteristically round shape. TSG have helmets for the following categories:

  • MTB helmets for various mountain bike tours
  • Skater and BMX helmets - with an ABS plastic protective shell
  • Ski and snowboard helmets - with polycarbonate outer shells, warming ear pads and neck rolls
  • Special helmets - flexible inner padding and a malleable plastic ensure a particularly flexible adaptation to the head

TSG Bike Helmets

We’ve already mentioned the special mountain bike helmets and BMX helmets. In addition to the round design, you will also find aerodynamic shapes. They provide reliable protection in the event of a fall on the head whilst remaining very light-weight and breathable with special ventilation slots. One example is the well-known TSG Evolution dirt helmet, which is available in three styles: for men, women and children.

They also offer TSG bicycle helmets for everyday use. These offer high levels of comfort with attractive designs. The choice is yours, from muted tones to vibrant colours. The helmets have ventilation slots and the dial-fit system, which allows easy adjustment to the individual head size and therefore a good fit, even when moving.

At BIKE24 you will find many other high-quality bike helmets as well as a wide range of protective clothing and accessories from TSG and other well-known brands.