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Compex SP 8.0 Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator

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Description of Compex SP 8.0 Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator

The SP 8.0 optimizes your strength and endurance, helps you recover faster, while helping to avoid injury and treating pain.

Designed for athletes who workout every day, SP 8.0 is the class-leader in terms of electrostimulation. Connectable and modular, SP 8.0 includes the brand new mi-Autorange feature that continually brings you better results.

Boost your performances with the SP 8.0:

  • Improve your strength: +27%
  • Improve your explosivity: +15%
  • Improve your vertical jump: +14%
  • Imcrease your muscle volume: +8%
  • Reduce lactic acid: +25%

Program categories:

  • Conditioning: Endurance. Resistance. Strength. Explosive Strength. Overcompensation. Ankle twist prevention. Cross-training. Core stabilisation. Hypertrophy. Muscle building. Potentiation. Warm-up. Capillarisation.
  • Pain management: Pain management TENS. Reduce muscle tension. Muscle pain. Neck pain. Back pain. Lumbago. Epicondilitis. Tendinitis. Heavy legs. Cramp prevention.
  • Rehabilitation: Muscle atrophy. Reinforcement.
  • Recovery / Massage: Training recovery. Competition recovery. Relaxing massage. Reduce muscle soreness. Reviving massage.
  • Fitness: Firm your arms. Tone your thighs. Get a 6-pack. Get stronger biceps. Build your shoulders. Build your pecs. Firm your stomach. Shape you buttocks. Body power. Lymphatic drainage.

Equipped with unique MI (muscle intelligence) technology, Compex stimulators adapt to each of your muscles to provide the most effective electrostimulation possible, while offering greater comfort and better performance.
MI-SCAN scans the muscle and automatically adjusts stimulator parameters to your physiology.
MI-ACTION optimizes session effectiveness by combining voluntary contractions with electrostimulated contractions, giving you total control over your workout.
MI-TENS makes it easier to adjust stimulation levels for anti-pain programs to ensure optimal results.
MI-AUTORANGE a brand new feature that enables your Compex module to determine the most appropriate level of stimulation automatically. On all channels.


  • Technology: wireless
  • Muscle Intelligence: MI-SCAN, MI-AUTORANGE, MI-TENS, MI-ACTION on the 4 modules
  • 40 programs
  • Web connection
  • Download objective
  • Upload remote history
  • 40 programs
  • 4 channels for complete work sessions
  • Screen: Matrix color
  • Power: 120 mA, 400 us, 150 Hz
  • Energy: rechargeable battery in less than 2 hours

Included in delivery:

  • 1 central control
  • 4 stimulation modules
  • 1 battery
  • 1 charger
  • 1 charging station
  • 2 bags of small snap electrodes (5x5cm)
  • 2 bags of large snap electrodes (5x10cm) (1 snap)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 rigid travel pouch
  • 1 protection sleeve
  • 1 soft travel pouch

Free extended warranty.
One year extra warranty on your new Compex device when you register your Compex.

  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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Fact Sheet of Compex SP 8.0 Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator

Product Name: Compex SP 8.0 Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator
Manufacturer: Compex
Item Code: COM223652
activity: Run
battery ernergy: 9.4Wh
muscle stimulation version: Muscle Stimulator
Model year: 2021
Season: Full year
Color: Black
Manufacturer page:
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