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Nikwax Cotton Proof Waterproofing 300ml

Nikwax Cotton Proof Waterproofing 300ml

Wash-in impregnation for cotton, cotton blended fabric and sailcloth.

This product is suitable for impregnation of cotton, cotton-polyester blended fabrics and canvas. It renews the beading effect and maintains breathability.

Note: Before impregnating with Nikwax Cotton Proof, cleaning should be done without conventional detergents, as any residues may impair the effectiveness of the impregnating agent. It is therefore recommended to pre-wash with Nikwax Tech Wash (clothing) or Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash (equipment). It is not necessary to dry the parts between washing/cleaning and impregnation.

The advantages of Nikwax Cotton Proof impregnation

  • Renews and adds water repellency to cotton and poly-cotton and maintains breathability
  • Extends the life of garments and optimizes wet weather performance
  • Easy to use - machine wash or hand wash, tumble dry not necessary
  • Can be applied to wet fabric
  • Prevents rotting of canvas due to moisture
  • Does not alter cosmetic appearance
  • Water based, propellant gas free, not environmentally persistent
  • PFC-free

Hazard statement

Safety data sheet available on request.

Fact Sheet of Nikwax Cotton Proof Waterproofing 300ml

Product Name: Nikwax Cotton Proof Waterproofing 300ml
Manufacturer: Nikwax
Item Code: NIK116332
activity: Outdoor, Run
impregnation: Cotton
content: 300ml
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 320g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: http://www.nikwax.de