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Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor + Pro Chest Strap - Black

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor + Pro Chest Strap - Black

H10 Heart Rate Sensor + Pro Chest Strap

The most accurate sensor in Polar history and widely considered the gold standard of wireless heart rate measurement, the Polar H10 is for anyone who wants to monitor their heart rate with maximum accuracy and connect their heart rate to a great variety of training devices via Bluetooth and ANT+, and is the solution for all sports and even those where a smartphone and sports watch cannot be present.

The Polar H10 heart rate sensor has an integrated memory for a single training session, making it the ideal solution for workouts and sports where wearing a sports watch on the wrist is not allowed or data transmission is not guaranteed (e.g. swimming). The Polar Pro chest strap ensures a high wearing comfort due to an improved strap with additional contact point and new buckle. The optimized H10 heart rate sensor that transmits your heart rate in real time to your smartphone app, making it a smart training companion. The H10 can be used with all Polar products as well as compatible fitness equipment.

Highlights of the Polar H10 heart rate sensor

  • Built-in memory for a single training session with the Polar Beat app
  • Improved, interchangeable Polar Pro chest strap for high wearing comfort and improved contact
  • Removable H10 sensor
  • Adjustable size for the ideal fit
  • Compatible with all Polar products and with leading fitness apps
  • Transmission of the training session to the Polar Beat App
  • Recording of heart rate, e.g. while swimming, possible
  • Battery life 400h with active BLE, 5kHz and ANT+ transmission

Details about the Polar H10 heart rate sensor

Your personal eye catcher - the new Polar H10 designs

The Polar H10 comes with the Polar Pro chest strap, a soft textile strap with high quality electrodes, so that your
heart rate is measured accurately and transmitted without interference. The soft material makes it comfortable to wear, while the silicone dots and improved closure ensure a perfect fit. You can easily connect your Polar H10 to two Bluetooth training devices at the same time: Your Polar watch + your cycling computer, your favorite fitness app + a fitness device, your Polar watch + a fitness device - depending on how you want to train.

Advantages of heart rate monitoring

When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, the Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the first choice. Training smarter and training harder are two different things. Heart rate monitoring can help you take your workout to a new level.

Besides heart rate, what else can you measure with the Polar H10 heart rate sensor?

Polar H10 and Orthostatic Test lets you record your heart rate variability and gives you data on your recovery status, as well as tools to optimize your training. To perform the orthostatic test, pair your Polar H10 with a compatible orthostatic test with a compatible Polar sports watch.

The chest strap - the gold standard of heart rate measurement

The chest strap measures the electrical activity of your heart with ECG accuracy. It detects the electrical signals from your heart with a sensor on the strap and converts the signals into heart rate data. If you take your training seriously and are looking for ultimate precision and reliability, tracking with the chest strap is a safe choice for you.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor Technical Specifications:

  • 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
  • Battery type: CR 2025
  • Battery life: 400 hours with BLE and 5 kHz transmission
  • Chest strap material: 38% polyamide, 29% polyurethane, 20% spandex, 13% polyester

Scope of delivery:

  • Polar H10 heart rate sensor
  • Polar Pro chest strap
  • Quick start guide

Fact Sheet of Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor + Pro Chest Strap - Black

Product Name: Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor + Pro Chest Strap - Black
Manufacturer: Polar
Item Code: POL315686
voltage: 3V
transmission standard: ANT+, Bluetooth
device sensors: Heart Rate Sensors (+ Chest Strap)
device version: Accessories
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 60g
manufacturer item code: XS-S: 92061851
M-XXL: 92061854