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HJC Furion 2.0 Helmet - matt/gloss black

HJC Furion 2.0 Helmet - matt/gloss black

The FURION 2.0 is an uncompromising design masterpiece as it combines remarkable aerodynamics and efficient ventilation. Thanks to HJC's experience in manufacturing MotoGP racing helmets, the FURION's aerodynamics and its innovative and simple design enhance its performance for perfect airflow and cooling.

Special features of the HJC Furion 2.0 helmet

Thanks to its aerodynamic shape and light weight (approx. 195g), this helmet helps to save 7% energy compared to competitor models. It is also equipped with classic features such as an adjustment system for perfect wearing comfort, a holder for full-vision goggles, a strap distributor and antibacterial X-Static fabric.

The scope of delivery includes: Replacement pads and a carrying bag to take the helmet with you wherever you go.

Technical features


SELFIT is a new technology patented by HJC. It replaces the inner padding.

The cool air circulates around the head, improving comfort while riding. The cool airflow and the low weight of the helmet optimize the fit and offer an excellent riding experience.


The five different fit adjustment options on the inside offer continuous support and ideal wearing comfort for all different head shapes and sizes. The rider can adjust the fit of their helmet with precision. The result is a helmet that is perfectly adjusted for every ride, and for the long term.


COOLPATH™ is a new technology patented by HJC. It replaces the inner padding. The cool air circulates around the head, improving comfort while riding. The cool airflow and low weight of the helmet optimize the fit and provide an excellent riding experience.

Structure reinforced from the inside

HJC helmets are reinforced with a frame integrated into the EPS. The skeletal frame not only holds the helmet together, but also strengthens it and makes it more resistant in the event of a fall.

In-Mold construction

The InMold construction method is to bond the layers of EPS to the outer polycarbonate shell to strengthen the structure. This improves the rider's protection through compact reinforcement and gives the product the perfect finish.

Ventury Dynamics

To achieve maximum ventilation, Bernoulli's law has been applied to HJC's more aerodynamic models. In motion, the amount of moving air increases as it moves towards the rear of the helmet. Pressure differences cause cold air from the front vent to be expelled through the rear opening. This creates the ideal ventilation for the rider.

Wind tunnel tested

HJC helmets are tested in laboratories, but also in real everyday situations to meet the highest quality standards. HJC is one of the few helmet manufacturers that has its own state-of-the-art wind tunnel laboratory to conduct tests on aerodynamics, ventilation, driving noise and more. The HJC wind tunnel lab measures air resistance in a wide range of riding conditions to improve helmet performance.

Advanced air channel system

A certain amount of air enters the helmet through front openings, circulates inside the helmet and exits at the rear. The internal airflow increases to cool the head and dissipate heat

Aerodynamic design

Many years of experience with MotoGP racing helmets have made HJC designers and engineers experts in the field of aerodynamics and wind-ventilated helmets. Aero helmets are, as the name suggests, more aerodynamic than classic racing bike helmets, but this comes at the expense of ventilation performance. With HJC helmets, this has been significantly improved. HJC offers what is probably the best ventilated semi-aero helmet currently on the market ... Save watts with HJC helmets.

Lightweight / Featherweight

HJC bike helmets are designed and developed through precise measurement to achieve the lowest possible weight. Density, placement, shape and materials play a key role in weight optimization.

Fact Sheet of HJC Furion 2.0 Helmet - matt/gloss black

Product Name: HJC Furion 2.0 Helmet - matt/gloss black
Manufacturer: HJC Sports
Item Code: HJC475937
activity: Cycling
gender: men, unisex
material: Composite
usage bikesport: Road Bike
safety standards: EN 1078
helmet certified for: Cycling
helmet version: Without sun shield (helmet peak)
helmet finish: glossy, matt
helmet vents: 7
head circumference (range): 51-61cm
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 200g
Manufacturer page: http://www.hjcsports.com/