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Cane Creek

Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Coil Shock - Trunnion

Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Coil Shock - Trunnion

Pro-Tune at Your Fingertips!

Cane Creek is proud to announce the DB Kitsuma - a highly adjustable rear shock built for maximum performance in a design that is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Grounded in the DNA of the original Double Barrel line of shocks, DB Kitsuma improves on its predecessors in almost every way. It caters to all varieties of riding styles, body types, and bicycle frame designs without the need for any internal valving adjustments, changes or compromises.


Key features of the Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Coil

  • designed for tool-free wide range of adjustment
  • independent compression and rebound damping circuits
  • designed, developed and hand-built in Western North Carolina
  • 417g weight (210mm without spring)
  • Trunnion mounting standard




Details of the Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Coil

Wider Range of Adjustment

The DB Kitsuma boasts a wider range of damping adjustment on the compression circuit and increased range of rebound control over any other major shock on the market today. The rebound range has also been shifted downward for more rebound damping to accommodate the larger spring rates needed for more modern bikes. 

See and Feel Your Settings

The entire range of DB Kitsuma’s low-speed compression and rebound circuits are controlled within a single rotation, while the high-speed circuits are controlled within two rotations, allowing the rider to easily reference where they are within their adjustment at a glance.  The DB Kitsuma simplifies the tuning process by increasing the range of adjustment while reducing the number of external positions in each circuit - making each position more meaningful and discernible on the trail. 

Tool-Free Adjustment 

No need to crane your neck under your bike while fumbling with tiny allen wrenches to make adjustments. The DB Kitsuma sports completely tool-free adjusters that are ergonomically designed to be easily accessible and adjustable trail-side - giving riders the power of a pro-tune at their fingertips. 

Three Position Climb Switch

DB Kitsuma is equipped with a single lever that switches the shock between three distinct modes, drastically affecting the shock’s feel and character. The three position climb switch retains the “Descend” mode and patented “CS” mode which provides a stable yet responsive platform engineered to maximize traction and pedal efficiency while climbing over technical terrain and singletrack. The DB Kitsuma also adds a “Firm” mode. By utilizing a design that closes off the common bleed port, this third position excels at pedaling over long stretches of pavement or gravel roads on your way to the trail. 

Fact Sheet of Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Coil Shock - Trunnion

Product Name: Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Coil Shock - Trunnion
Manufacturer: Cane Creek
Item Code: CCR498691
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB
air/coil spring: Metal spring
fork/shock adjustability: Low speed compression, High speed compression, Low speed rebound, High speed rebound
shock fitting length: 185mm (Trunnion), 205mm (Trunnion), 225mm (Trunnion)
lower shock mount: Bushing
upper shock mount: Trunnion
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 500g
manufacturer item code: BCD0063-BCD0074
Manufacturer page: