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CeramicSpeed OSPW Derailleur Pulley System & UFO Chain for Shimano 9100/9150/8000 SS/8050 SS - Black

CeramicSpeed OSPW Derailleur Pulley System & UFO Chain for Shimano 9100/9150/8000 SS/8050 SS - Black


Performance set for your competitive advantage

CeramicSpeed packs an OSPW sprocket system and a UFO chain into one excellent performance set for Shimano 9100/9150/8000 SS/8050 SS derailleurs


Highlights of the CeramicSpeed Set: OSPW pulley system & UFO chain

CeramicSpeed OSPW System

  • Stainless steel bearings with ceramic balls guarantee lower friction and 3-5 times longer life
  • New design with integrated stop for easier mounting
  • Upper pulley with 13 teeth and lower pulley with 19 teeth
  • Only suitable for Shimano rear derailleurs from the 9100/9150/8000 series and 8000 SS/8050 SS

CeramicSpeed UFO Chain

  • Power saving of 2-5 watts
  • Delivers lowest possible friction and rewards with additional speed
  • A special CeramicSpeed Squirt lubricant is included


CeramicSpeed Coated OSPW Pulley Wheels for Shimano 9100/9150 and 8000 SS/8050 SS

This is an updated version of the Oversized Pulley Wheel System for Shimano 9100/9150 and 8000 SS/8050 SS. This new design has an integrated stop tower for easier mounting. Featuring a 13-tooth upper pulley wheel and a 19-tooth lower pulley wheel to provide absolute optimisation of the rear derailleur. The upper and lower oversized aluminium pulley wheels come fitted with either standard or coated CeramicSpeed Bearings.

The CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheels System has been proven to be one of the fastest pulley system in the world, providing energy savings starting from 2.4 watts over standard Shimano systems.

The OSPW System for Shimano 9100/9150 and 8000 SS/8050 SS is an industry leading product, chosen by many of the world's leading cycling teams and professional triathlete's.

Please note: The OSPW System for 9100/9150 and 8000 SS/8050 SS is NOT compatible with Ultegra 8000-GS or 8050-GS (medium cage) derailleurs, nor with the clutch equipped Ultegra RD RX800 & RX805.

The Shimano 9100/8000 OSPW system is compatible up to a 32 tooth cassette for both Dura Ace & Ultegra derailleurs.


CeramicSpeed UFO (UltraFast Optimization) Chain for 11-speed drivetrains

Designed to race. CeramicSpeed claims a saving between 2 - 5 Watts by using this chain. Optimal function is maintained by using the incl. "Squirt Lube". 

The UltraFast Optimization process is tested and proven. Amongst others, it helped famed Frederik Van Lierde to finish first in Kona 2013, and supported many cycling teams climbing their victorious way to the podium. Developed for racing purposes, the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain saves you watts, by ensuring the lowest friction and improves your performance with free speed. This is a solid yet versatile chain, extremely smooth and easy running, which offers exceptional riding and performance prospects. 

With power savings between 2-5 watts, the CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are exclusively racing chains developed for extreme performance on the competition day optimal for 320 km. Be aware that the UFO treatment is not optimised for wet and muddy conditions, which might cause corrosion on the chain. 

Included in the UFO Chain packaging you will find the special CeramicSpeed/Squirt lube, which we strongly recommend in the maintenance of the racing chain in order to get the most out of the chain after the UFO treatment is worn off, approx. after 320 km.

Weight supplement: 256g


Included in delivery:

OSPW system, oil, sticker sheet
UFO Chain and special Squirt lube

Fact Sheet of CeramicSpeed OSPW Derailleur Pulley System & UFO Chain for Shimano 9100/9150/8000 SS/8050 SS - Black

Product Name: CeramicSpeed OSPW Derailleur Pulley System & UFO Chain for Shimano 9100/9150/8000 SS/8050 SS - Black
Manufacturer: CeramicSpeed
Item Code: CSP502709
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike
groupset: Shimano, Shimano Di2 (electronic)
shifting system: 11-speed
shifting actuation: Mechanical, Electronic
rear derailleur max. teeth: 32
rear derailleur accessories: Jockey Wheels, Cage Parts, Tuning Parts
Model year: 2020
Color: Black