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UYN Community Mask Plus - Pink/Pearl Grey

UYN Community Mask Plus - Pink/Pearl Grey


Mouth-Nose-Covering with antibacterial & antimicrobial protection

To protect others from infection, you must wear a face mask. It is recommended that as many people as possible wear a face mask, as this can at least partially catch droplets and mucus particles. The chain of infection is broken. When sneezing, viral droplets without a face mask can reach a speed of about 45 meters per second and fly far. Generally, people are infected when an infected person talks, sneezes, or coughs near them. The virus then passes through the air, directly onto the mucous membranes of other people.

For this reason, UYN® has decided to take action and develop a new version of its face mask based on HeiQ Viroblock, an advanced textile technology that makes the mask resistant to microbes, germs and bacteria.


Highlights of the UYN Community Mask Plus Unisex

  • With HeiQ Viroblock technology, proven to protect against contamination by microbes and germs
  • Multifunctional
  • Washable at 60 degrees and reusable
  • Ergonomic, highly elastic, lightweight
  • Three dimensional knitting structure
  • Water-repellent, does not store moisture, quick-drying
  • Highly elastic ergonomic nose shape
  • Flex-Ribs for a perfect fit
  • Flexible and soft ear loops
  • Breathable 3D Breath-Ribs let the skin breathe
  • Particularly densely knitted mouth and nose sections
  • Extra elastic band at the neck for optimum wearing comfort
  • Two-tone - with contrasting colors


Size guide:

  • Size M: front height 16 cm, partial mask length 10.5 cm, total mask length incl. ear band 34 cm - suitable for women / medium facial structures
  • Size L: front height  16 cm, partial mask length 10.5 cm, total mask length incl. ear band 37 cm - suitable for men / large facial structures


Features of the UYN Community Mask Plus Unisex

Swiss technology HeiQ Viroblock

HeiQ Viroblock is an intelligent Swiss textile technology that is added to the fabric of the UYN® Community Mask Plus in the final stage of the manufacturing process. This technology protects the mask from contamination by microbes and germs. The active ingredient is silver chloride.

HeiQ Viroblock technology is certified safe and sustainable. Only bio-based and recycled materials are used. HeiQ Viroblock technology does not irritate the skin and is non-toxic.

Ergonomic and lightweight

The UYN® Community Mask Plus fits perfectly around the mouth and nose, sealing nicely at the edges so that the airflow is interrupted. However, the ergonomic three-dimensional shape allows you to breathe comfortably without feeling oppressive.


The three-dimensional knitted structure is more densely knitted in the mouth and nose area, so that the speed of respiratory flow or saliva/mucus droplet ejection is reduced. Nevertheless, it is still possible to breathe well through the UYN® Community Mask Plus, so that the mask can also be worn during sports activities without any problems.

Water repellent

Thanks to the processing with Texlyte Nano, the UYN® Community Mask Plus is moisture repellent. This property of the yarn is permanent and is not changed by repeated washing. Texlyte Nano does not retain moisture, but dries very quickly. For a comfortable wearing feeling.

Washable and reusable

The UYN® Community Mask Plus is not a disposable product. Once purchased, the mask can be used again and again. It is important that the mask is washed in the 60° after each use. This is sufficient to eliminate pathogens. The mask should be used only for personal use and should not be passed on, for example, in the family.


The Texlyte Nano used for the Community Mask Plus has been certified and produced in Europe according to Oekotex Standard 100 and Bluesign. It does not cause allergies and is therefore particularly suitable for articles with high hygiene standards.


Texlyte Nano has a very low conductivity and thus ensures exceptional insulating power - this provides high thermal comfort.


Texlyte Nano is 50% lighter than cotton and 34% lighter than polyester, making it the most suitable material of all synthetic fibers to be used as a mask.


Texlyte Nano is hydrophobic by nature. The water repellent property of the yarn is permanent and is not altered by repeated washing. Texlyte Nano does not retain moisture, but dries very quickly. For a comfortable wearing feeling.


The production and maintenance of Texlyte Nano requires 30% less energy compared to polyester. No pesticides or toxic dyes are used. Therefore, experts consider it one of the most environmentally friendly synthetic fibers. In addition, Texlyte Nano is 100% recyclable.


Abrasion, tension and tearing is not a problem for Texlyte Nano. The abrasion resistance is 2.5 times higher than cotton. Even sweat, sun or moisture have no effect on the life of Texlyte Nano.

Easy to care

Due to the hydrophobic property of Texlyte Nano, the material is insensitive to dirt, can be washed at 60°C and dries within a short time. Ironing is not necessary. The mask can be used again after a short time.


Important information on face masks:

The Community Mask Plus is not a medical item or personal protective equipment. However, wearing it may reduce respiratory flow velocity or saliva/mucus droplet ejection, thereby helping to reduce the further spread of covid-19. However, no medical protective effect has been demonstrated for the Community Mask Plus.

For hygienic reasons, the mask - even unused - cannot be returned or exchanged. There is no right of withdrawal for the delivery of this mask, which is not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene, if its seal has been removed after delivery.

Material 80% polypropylene, 16% polyamide, 4% elastane

Fact Sheet of UYN Community Mask Plus - Pink/Pearl Grey

Product Name: UYN Community Mask Plus - Pink/Pearl Grey
Manufacturer: UYN
Item Code: UYN508496
Material: 80% polypropylene, 16% polyamide, 4% elastane
compression: no
gender: men
textile fabric: Synthetics
washability: 60°C, do not iron, no dryer
headwear version: Face guard
Model year: 2021
Collection: Full year
Color: Pink
weight: 15g
Manufacturer page: http://www.uynsports.com


In the following tables you will find information on the dress sizes of the manufacturer .

Category: Headwear / Helmets



International XS S M L XL XXL
head circumference (cm) 52 - 53 54 - 55 56 - 57 58 - 59 60 - 61 62 - 63

International XS

head circumference (cm) 52 - 53

International S

head circumference (cm) 54 - 55

International M

head circumference (cm) 56 - 57

International L

head circumference (cm) 58 - 59

International XL

head circumference (cm) 60 - 61

International XXL

head circumference (cm) 62 - 63


International S M L XL
head circumference (cm) 48 - 50 50 - 53 53 - 54 54 - 55

International S

head circumference (cm) 48 - 50

International M

head circumference (cm) 50 - 53

International L

head circumference (cm) 53 - 54

International XL

head circumference (cm) 54 - 55