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UYN Shoes & Functional Clothing – Unleash Your Nature

The functional UYN bike and running wear is as universal as it is ingenious. UYN combines high-tech technologies with natural raw materials and produces functional apparel that absorbs sweat, wicks moisture, has an antibacterial effect and is very pleasant to the skin. From underwear through the UYN cycling jersey to socks and shoes, the UYN product range is versatile and well suited for running, cycling, skiing and hiking.

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UYN is a young brand from Italy with the vision to produce the best functional clothing ever. UYN's aim is to guarantee athletes the best materials, optimum functionality and the latest scientific findings. UYN wants to set standards and addresses a broad target group with its products - from recreational athletes to Olympic champions, whether cyclists, runners, ski or outdoor enthusiasts. UYN's mission is to beautify and facilitate your exercise so that you can become one with nature and enjoy complete freedom and lightness. The garments adapt to the movement and offer the purest wearing comfort. 

UYN functional clothing combines high-tech innovations with natural raw materials. The revolutionary technology is the new NATEX yarn, a 100% organic material made from ricinus oil. NATEX is 25% lighter and dries up to 50% faster than comparable nylon fibres. It is extremely elastic and minimises unpleasant odours with its antibacterial properties. 

UYN Bike and Running Wear - High-Tech in Every Fiber

UYN Functional Underwear for highest comfort during your cycling trips

The focus of UYN's running and cycling apparel is on breathability, moisture regulation and air circulation. Properties that are essential for success and performance. Innovative manufacturing techniques and a three-dimensional fabric improve ventilation and increase the surface area significantly. As a result, moisture can be transported to the outside more quickly and efficiently. So that you can enjoy activity, training, relaxation and recreation in nature without restriction, UYN apparel adapts to your movements and offers an ideal climate for athletic performances - for an unprecedented natural wearing comfort.

Base Layer Lines

The functional underwear from UYN is precisely tailored to different requirements. Base layers for different temperature ranges are equipped with different technologies and materials. Whether colder temperatures, increased activity levels or warmer conditions - UYN always achieves an ideal body climate. 

  • VISYON. The entry into the UYN world. Fashionable and comfortable undershirts and underpants for a wide range of applications at medium temperatures.
  • EVOLUTYON. Breathable and ergonomic base layer made of NATEX yarn with efficient climate control for a high level of activity at medium temperatures.
  • AMBITYON. Heat-insulating underwear made of NATEX yarn with excellent climate management and perfect fit for sports use in cold temperatures.
  • MOTYON. Lightweight functional underwear with high comfort and breathability for spring and summer.
  • ENERGYON. Performance-oriented and extremely lightweight underwear with exceptional technical performance. High air permeability and optimal cooling at high temperatures.
High-Performance Baselayer from UYN for top sporting performances

UYN Socks - Perfection for the Feet

Sports socks and shoes from UYN spoil you with a unique contact feeling and are perfectly adapted for the respective purpose.
The cycling socks are tailored to the special requirements of cycling, keep feet cool and dry and are highly breathable. UYN running socks offer special comfort and resistance and asymmetric, precise compression. A shock-absorbing structure in the front area and a friction-reducing structure in the Achilles tendon zone protect against the typical stress of running. The trekking and outdoor socks are supple and promise constant ventilation, effective protection and perfect ergonomics. 
The UYN socks for running, which are characterized by high breathability and support at the crucial points, form a perfect symbiosis with the UYN running shoes.

Running shoes and socks with high breathability and flexibility

Sustainable UYN Shoes for Sports and Everyday Life

One of the best things about running is the freedom to go where your feet take you. 
The especially lightweight UYN shoes are offering the ideal basis and are also particularly environmentally friendly.  
When you see UYN shoes for the first time, you will certainly notice the exceptionally progressive design.  According to the form follows function principle, this is not just a visual gimmick. A successful mix of fabrics and technology provides an optimal balance of flexibility and stability, which is why UYN shoes immediately give you a great barefoot walking sensation.  
The outer material of the upper is made of recycled plastic, which is also water-repellent. Merino wool on the inside ensures pleasant wearing comfort, which naturally eliminates unpleasant odors.  
At UYN, sugar cane is the magic word for a sustainable footprint. The foam of the revolutionary Cell-Comb sole, which is made from a by-product of the sugar cane production, enables optimal shock absorption at low weight.  
Once you have put them on, you will hardly want to miss the excellent wearing comfort of your UYN running shoes and will wear the trend-setting shoes in everyday life. 

UYN Naked bike shoes - Lightweight, breathable & seamless.

UYN is now launching the first bike shoes that offer you revolutionary comfort and superior performance. The Italians have succeeded in developing a sock-like road cycling shoe that gives you the feeling of being barefoot without compromising on power transfer to the pedals. Thereby, you can choose between the UYN Naked Carbon bike shoes and the UYN Naked Full-Carbon bike shoes for the right amount of lightness and stiffness.