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Alpinestars – Bike Apparel & Protection for MTB, Downhill & Enduro

Alpinestars, based in the small Northern Italy town of Asolo, has the perennial Alpine star flower as its namesake. Since its inception in 1963, Alpinestars has been one of the world-leading manufacturers of professional racing products, motorcycling and cycling protection, high-performance apparel and technical products. Alpinestars understands that the best design and research is achieved under extreme conditions.

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Alpinestars - Bike Apparel and Protection for MTB, Downhill & Enduro

Alpinestars Mountain Bike Wear – One Goal, One Vision

Alpinestars is a pioneer in the manufacture of professional racing products. The company employs near 500 staff worldwide with headquarters in Los Angeles, Northern Italy, Tokyo and Southeast Asia headquarters in Bangkok. 

In 2004, Alpinestars began a partnership with Honda for the UCI-Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup, which Greg Minnaar won in 2005. While the intensive development of special MTB apparel and protectors continued, Alpinestars officially began distributing the products of its cycling collection in 2010. Thanks to the feedback of world-renowned ambassadors such as Jérôme Clementz and Anneke Beerten, the collection continues to be improved further and further.

Alpinestars' commitment to racing has led to the creation of the most advanced technical equipment for top athletes such as Aaron Gwin, Brook Macdonald, Martin Maes, Tracey Hannah and Dakotah Norton. 

Alpinestars - Bike Apparel and Protection for MTB, Downhill & Enduro

Alpinestars Cycling Apparel and Protectors for Men

The Alpinestars MTB collection for men is made to help you perform at your best, no matter what you are heading for. Alpinestars' cycling gear features attractive designs, not only taking into consideration technicity and practicality but also style. Adding to this the perfect fit and high quality it becomes clear that Alpinestars MTB clothing offers top level solutions even for the most demanding riders.

Alpinestars MTB Protectors and Protective Clothing for Women

Alpinestars' women's cycling apparel is designed specifically for female riders and features stylish designs, perfect fit, comfort and functionality. Alpinestars cycling collection offers the most suitable gear for all situations, no matter if it‘s going to be a sunny, windy or rainy day. 
The women's collection has been developed and tested with the help of 2019 downhill World Cup Champion Tracey Hannah.

Alpinestars Protects - Protection during Training and Competition

Alpinestars’ Cycling Protectors represents the pinnacle of innovation and technology. Tested by top riders like Aaron Gwin and Martin Maes, the helmets, protectors and protective pants, shirts and jackets offer mountain bikers 360-degree protection on the trail. “Alpinestars protects” is the motto of the company and the collection of body armors is designed to ensure both maximum protection and security with perfect fit, so that riders can tackle even the toughest trails. 

Thanks to its innovative Cell and Bioflex Technology, the whole new Alpinestars Paragon Lite line is characterized by flexibility, ventilation, lightweight and a slim profile. Paragon Lite knee and elbow protectors can also be rolled up and carried in the pockets of a jersey or jacket when you are not wearing them.

Alpinestars - Bike Apparel and Protection for MTB, Downhill & Enduro