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Basil Panniers & Bags – Highest Quality for Your Luggage

The company Basil has specialised in the production of high-quality bike bags and bicycle baskets and offers numerous models in this area. Different fastening systems for Basil bike baskets and Basil panniers are also included in the Dutch manufacturer’s product portfolio. Basil also offers accessory products such as Basil bicycle bells, seat covers or rainwear.

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Basil Baskets, Bike Bags & Clever Fastening Systems since 1934

The Dutch company Basil’s history is steeped in tradition, and began in 1934 in the small town of Silvolde just over the German-Dutch border. It was Marinus Johannes van Balveren who founded the bicycle shop ‘M.H. van Balveren’ and thus laid the foundation for Basil. By the way, the name Basil comes from the first letters of the founder’s name Balveren and the place name Silvolde.

At the beginning of his commercial ventures, however, bicycle bags and bicycle baskets were not a particular concern for Marinus Johannes van Balveren. In 1962 that Nico van Balveren took over the company and 14 years later, in 1976, laid the final foundation stone for today's Basil bicycle bags and baskets company. At that time, a customer entered the bicycle shop and asked for a special rattan bicycle basket, which Nico van Balveren eventually produced. Impressed by the idea, van Balveren started importing bicycle baskets from Yugoslavia and established the Basil brand. This was followed in 1980 by bicycle baskets made of steel, which were considerably more robust than the classic Basil bicycle basket made of rattan wicker and which ensured the company’s enormous growth. In 2001, Marthijn van Balveren took over the Basil company from his father and ushered in the age of coloured Basil bicycle bags. Modern designs and innovative ways of attaching the bicycle baskets and panniers to the pannier rack or handlebars ensured Basil’s breakthrough and made it a globally active company.

The Basil product portfolio at a glance

In 1976, the Basil success story began with a single bicycle basket made of rattan wicker. Almost half a century later, Basil now has a remarkable product portfolio:

  • Basil bicycle bags
  • Basil bicycle baskets
  • Different Basil fastening systems such as the MIK luggage carrier system for bicycle panniers, bicycle baskets and bicycle crates
  • Basil bike accessories such as bike bells, seat covers or battery covers
  • Basil bicycle rainwear

The Various Basil Bicycle Bags and Baskets a Glance

Basil offers a range of different bicycle bag and bicycle basket models. In the following section, we explain the different variants and provide additional information about them.

Basil Single Bags

The classic Basil single bags are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours and can be attached either to the handlebars or to one side of the pannier rack with the appropriate fastening options.

Basil Double Bags

Basil double bags offer more storage space for longer bike rides and are also suitable for transporting heavy items. The Basil double bag attaches to the right and left of the pannier rack and distributes the weight of the load evenly so that the bike’s handling is not affected.

Basil Bicycle Daypacks

Basil bicycle daypacks bridge the gap between a classic backpack and a single bicycle bag. They come with a bracket to attach them to the pannier rack. But you can also easily take them off and carry them on your back. The Basil bicycle daypack is ideal for a stroll around town or shopping in the supermarket.

Basil Handlebar Bags

A Basil handlebar bag gives you the crucial advantage of access to the bag’s contents while riding. It is mounted on the bicycle handlebars with a special Basil fastening system. All Basil single bags and bicycle daypacks can be mounted as handlebar bags.

Basil Luggage Carriers

All Basil bicycle bags can be mounted on your pannier rack with the corresponding Basil fastening system.

Basil Rear Bicycle Basket

The Basil bicycle basket for the rear comes in countless shapes, colours and materials. Depending on the intended use, there is a choice of bicycle baskets made of rattan, steel or plastic. Basil bicycle baskets are also offered in a range of sizes, so that there is a suitable bicycle basket for every purpose.

Basil Front Bicycle Basket

With the appropriate Basil bicycle basket holder, all Basil bicycle baskets can also be mounted on the front wheel or handlebar.

Basil Bike Baskets for Dogs

Not every dog is able to run alongside the bike for the whole bike ride. For this reason, a range of Basil dog baskets for bikes was developed in rattan or plastic. Depending on the model, a wire dome cover may also be available to prevent your four-legged friend from jumping out during the ride.

The Basil Fastening Options for Bike Panniers and Baskets

Basil not only has an extensive range of bags and baskets, but also ensures these can be effortlessly attached to the bike. The various Basil fastening systems allow you to mount your bike bag or basket either on the pannier rack on the rear or front wheel, or on the handlebars. One popular model is the MIK luggage carrier system, which allows baskets and bags to be simply and effortlessly clicked into place.

The Advantages of Basil Bike Bags and Baskets at a Glance

For over 45 years, Basil has been building experience in the production of bicycle baskets and bags to become an absolute expert in this field. What began as a one-off rattan basket for a customer has now developed into a globally active company. As a Basil customer, you benefit from decades of experience, incredible expertise and high quality. Basil also offers bicycle bags and baskets for every conceivable use, so you are guaranteed to find a model that suits you. The large Basil product portfolio of fastening options also makes it possible to mount bicycle bags and bicycle baskets on almost any bicycle.