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Basil Miles Trunk Bag MIK - black/slate

Basil Miles Trunk Bag MIK - black/slate

Sporty carrier bag - suitable for both a city bike and an e-bike

The Basil Miles Trunkbag is a black luggage carrier bag for the real sports lovers, including pre-mounted MIK adapter plate for a lightning fast attachment. With this bag you always appear fashionable and sporty. In addition, this bag is very practical and multifunctional. It is made of durable polyester and is waterproof. Not only can you attach the bag to the back of your bike, but thanks to the practical handle, you can also take it with you comfortably. The attachment of the Trunkbag works with the MIK adapter plate in 1 second. With the pre-mounted adapter plate you attach this Trunkbag with the integrated MIK system in one second to your luggage carrier.

If your carrier does not have an integrated MIK system, then the Basil Miles Trunkbag with pre-mounted adapter plate must be used in combination with the MIK carrier plate. This MIK carrier plate can be easily mounted on your luggage carrier. Removing the trunkbag is also very quick. With the MIK system, the exchange of parts such as bags or baskets is extremely easy. This is handy when you want to take your Trunkbag with you. Stylish, handy and well thought out: this is the design of the Trunkbag.

The removable shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder. The Miles Trunkbag has a total capacity of 7 liters, which is distributed among various internal compartments. It has a sturdy lining that further enhances the quality of the bag. You close this sporty carrier bag with a roll closure. On the bag is a loop for the (LED) lighting. Do you like to make a recreational bike ride in your spare time or do you prefer to ride your bike to a gym? The Basil Miles bag is always an indispensable accessory. It is a versatile, eye-catching bag that you will not regret buying.

Features of the Basil Miles MIK bike bag

  • Carrier bag including pre-mounted MIK adapter plate.
  • Very easy to attach with the MIK system.
  • Thanks to the practical key accessories can be secured from casual thieves.
  • The contents of your bag will stay dry thanks to the waterproof material.
  • Because of reflective elements on the bag and the mounting option for a (LED) lighting you are always well visible in the dark.
  • The Basil Miles Trunkbag is very good to use as a shoulder bag because of the shoulder strap.
  • Perfect for an e-bike.

Fact Sheet of Basil Miles Trunk Bag MIK - black/slate

Product Name: Basil Miles Trunk Bag MIK - black/slate
Manufacturer: Basil
Item Code: BAL377655
gender: unisex
activity: Cycling
dimensions (l/w/h): 190/320/210mm
usage bikesport: Trekking, City
max. load: 5kg
Volume: 7l
textile fabric: Synthetics
Access main compartment: Top
Closure main compartment: Rolltop, Lid, Zipper
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
Bag - Style: Bike pannier rear, Top case
Bag - Purpose & Features : Waterproof
Bag - Mounting: Bracket not included, Click / special system
Manufacturer page: