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Chris King – Handmade & Precise Headsets, Bottom Brackets, Hubs & More

The bicycle component manufacturer Chris King is a well respected company that’s on the rise. Founded in 1976, the Portland brand is known for its precision components such as the Chris King headsets. Nowadays, Chris King works across many component areas, including bottom brackets, hubs and specialist maintenance tools. This makes it a go-to brand for DIY tuning and anyone who needs great replacement parts.

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Chris King Headsets

When crafting headsets, the Chris King team seeks to create components that will “last a lifetime.” The company is famous for its high-quality bearings, which form a core part of integrated headsets, extending their longevity and delivering a smooth riding experience. Chris King headsets are also compatible with many leading frame brands. The brand’s classic headsets have now been joined by Chris King Dropset varieties, including the Dropset 1, the Chris King Dropset 2, Chris King Dropset 3, and the Chris King Dropset 5. These integrated models are even better at handling load spikes in extreme situations. Overall, Chris King headsets cater for most standard head tube sizes and steerer tube setups. With their 10 year warranty and Chris King’s reputation for durability, they could easily outlast your current frame.

Chris King Spacers

Chris King Spacers help you adjust the height of your stem and are an important connection between your handlebar and the rest of your bike. They allow you to adjust the stem to find the perfect fit. This also tends to give you better performance and control and boosts comfort in any riding conditions. Spacers are also another speciality of the Chris King brand, supplementing their headsets. Chris King spacers use high-grade aluminum bar stock for precision and strength and they come in a huge variety of colors if style is a major factor. At BIKE24, you will find a variety of options, including kits for standard 1 ⅛ inch steerers that come with various spacer lengths. You can also buy spacers for bottom brackets.

Chris King Thru Axle

Chris King Axles are machined by the Robert Axle Project in Oregon and finished by Chris King. They are used to add rigidity to the connection between wheels and frames. With a thru axle in place, you can ensure precise wheel placement, which helps to stabilise brake discs and avoid damage caused by excessive friction. Thru axles also reduce the chances of a wheel becoming loose through quick-release dropouts. Lightweight and made with precision, Chris King Axles are lightweight and precision engineered. They will fit most gravel bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, cross and mountain bikes, but check your frame specifications, as not all bikes are compatible with the Chris King Thru Axle.

Chris King Inset Headsets

Since designing the first sealed bearing headset decades ago, Chris King has been the epitome of high-quality headsets. The Chris King Inset headsets performance, precision, and reliability are unmatched. The headsets are made in-house, and each is hand-checked for accuracy. The Chris King Inset versions have gained a lot of notoriety among bike lovers. The  headsets series are available in many different versions: Chris King Inset i1, Chris King Inset i2, Chris King Inset i5, Chris King Inset i7, and Chris King Inset i8

Chris King Hubs

Chris King is also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of front and rear hubs. These hubs feature the brand’s renowned bearings, and they allow wheels to spin freely and reliably for extremely long periods. They come with the Chris King RingDrive installed, which has an internal construction formed from finely cut teeth. These teeth generate a gentle “buzzing” sound as you ride, which has become synonymous with the Chris King company. Hand-made and assembled by the Chris King team, the brand’s front and rear hubs are often used by pro-racing teams but they perform just as well for everyday riders. Models available include Chris King R45, R45D and Chris King Centerlock hubs, as well as bearing replacement kits and hub maintenance toolkits.