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A Gregory backpack is certainly one of the most important pieces of equipment for outdoor activities. That's why the brand from the USA continues to set new standards in this area with regard to functional details and fit. Whether it's an outdoor tour, a mountaineering adventure or a day trip in the urban space, the backpacks by Gregory are a real innovation, so that they nestle so inconspicuously against you as if they weren't there. Experience high-performance, durability and comfort with Gregory backpacks and start your adventure carefree!

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Backpacks by Gregory: Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly from Utah to the World

Founder Wayne Gregory was fascinated by the idea of developing the perfect backpack for adventures of all kinds and has been putting this idea into practice since 1977. How does this manifest itself? The brand from Utah is strongly committed to fair production conditions, the use of environmentally friendly and recycled materials and sustainable logistics. At Gregory, all of this results in backpacks that can be used universally, some of which are equipped with a hydration system – and won't let you down in any situation thanks to their stability and durability.

The Advantages of Gregory Backpacks: All-Rounders for Adventure and Everyday Life

Gregory backpacks are more than just companions on your tours. The technologies and functions behind the backpacks are real innovations. They ensure that you can use them in almost every everyday and adventure situation. From multi-day trekking to mountaineering to a simple ride to work, a Gregory backpack is designed to facilitate each of these scenarios. Gregory has your comfort in mind from the design stage. The following innovative features make every trip, no matter how short, a pleasant experience:

  • Innovative FreeFloat system
  • Ergonomic shoulder and hip straps
  • Practical hydration systems

The best thing about it is that you can always adjust the torso length of the Gregory backpacks yourself from their adjustment width within a range of 9 cm. So you have a custom fit and no restrictions due to a backpack that doesn't fit properly.

Gregorys FreeFloat for More Freedom of Movement

FreeFloat promises a feeling as if you are floating completely free and thoughtless on the surface of the water. With the FreeFloat system, Gregory allows you to do just that, only with a backpack on your back. In addition to comfort, Gregory backpacks also focus on stability – for full concentration on your adventure. But what is the secret of Gregory's FreeFloat?

  • One part of the special FreeFloat system is the hip belt, which is connected to the frame and adapts to your every body movement. This creates a supple feel that doesn't restrict you when hiking or climbing, or when cycling or touring the city.
  • Another part of the carrying system by Gregory are also the flexibly mounted hip fins that follow your every movement – for a weightless feeling. In concrete terms, this means that the backpack does not slip and sits firmly, even when great physical mobility is required.

Ergonomic Hip and Shoulder Straps: Comfortable to Wear Even with Heavy Loads

High carrying comfort even with heavy loads? What sounds like a fairytale becomes reality with Gregory thanks to specially designed hip and shoulder straps. The concept behind the 3D hip belt is as follows: It always adapts to any body shape in terms of padding and support, which makes carrying heavier loads immensely easier.

Gregory backpacks also have a solution for the danger of walking through the world drenched in sweat: the shoulder straps are made of LifeSpan foam, which increases comfort immensely. The perforations also contribute to this, optimising air circulation and making you sweat less on your trips.

Speaking of sweating: the ventilated mesh back section completes Gregory's trinity of wearing comfort. It wicks away moisture and keeps you dry, no matter how sweaty the activity.

Refreshment to Go: The Gregory Hydration System

Gregory is not only a specialist for comfortable backpacks. With its integrated hydration systems, the backpacks deliver a smart feature. The hydration system of the backpacks is designed so that you can easily insert a hydration bladder and drink comfortably without taking off the backpack. This keeps you well hydrated during sweaty activities.

If you have already bought a Gregory backpack without a hydration system and don't want to miss this feature, you don't have to worry at all: Gregory has developed special SpeedClip hangers that allow external hydration systems to be attached to compatible Gregory backpacks. The hydration systems are available in different sizes and even offer you the option of transporting your drinking water separately from the rest of your luggage. A perfect addition that optimises your outdoor experience and provides refreshing drinking water.

Buy Gregory Backpacks and Hydration Systems Online at BIKE24

If you want to start your next trip right away, then order Gregory backpacks and hydration systems directly from our online shop. From alpine and ski backpacks to trekking, hiking and day packs, Gregory offers the right piece of luggage for your project. Get your backpack, install your hydration system and you're ready to go!