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Garbaruk - Chainrings & Cassettes in Mechanical Perfection

When it comes to quality and performance, no compromises are usually made. Especially with mountain bikes and road bikes, performance is crucial for cycling professionals. Regardless of whether you are off-road or on the race track, you shift through several gears. This puts a lot of stress on the components involved. If then the bicycle chain jumps out, this is not only annoying, but also dangerous. Therefore, Garbaruk has developed high-quality components that resist even large forces effortlessly.

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The Garbaruk Chainring has a Firm Grip on the Bicycle Chain

Pleasure cyclists and professional athletes have certainly experienced it: the bicycle chain suddenly jumps out when shifting. To counteract this, Garbaruk has developed a chainring that can guide the chain more firmly. Garbaruk chainrings are made of lightweight metals such as aluminum or related alloys. This makes them lightweight without sacrificing stability. The long, alternating thin and thick teeth ensure that the chain can not jump out so quickly. In addition, the special tooth shape of the chainrings guarantees a comfortable riding experience, as pedaling becomes noticeably easier. On BIKE24 round chainrings are available for both road bikes and mountain bikes.

Oval Chainrings for Difficult Terrain

Who is on the road with the mountain bike in difficult terrain and often rides uphill, will have a lot of fun with the oval Garbaruk chainring. Even if it seems a bit strange, such a chainring allows you to cope with any slope. The trick is the oval shape, which is moved by the chain swinging when pedaling. In particular, enthusiastic downhill enthusiasts will find suitable Garbaruk Bike Components at BIKE24, which facilitate their ride uphill. So you get faster to the fun part of downhill cycling: the rapid ride downhill, which makes the adrenaline level skyrocket! The oval chainrings can also be used on road bikes, but they show their full strength on MTBs.

Garbaruk Cassettes Increase the Performance of Your Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes in particular rely on reliable and optimally functioning gears. It is not uncommon for the bike to move downhill or uphill when shifting gears. The MTB cassettes of Garbaruk increase the performance of your mountain bike significantly, because these are made of aluminum and a chromoly alloy. This makes these components both lightweight and very robust, so that these can withstand the stress of shifting while you ride uphill. The efficiency is further increased in conjunction with a Garbaruk chainring, as this has a firm grip on the bike chain.

Further Improve the Bike with a Garbaruk Rear Derailleur Cage

A longer derailleur cage not only provides a more precise chain guide. With it, you can also use a larger number of gears. Thus, BIKE24 offers in the store Garbaruk derailleur cages for SRAM rear derailleurs. These allow for better performance while riding and shifting. Furthermore, Garbaruk has for the chainring of Shimano suitable cages on offer. In addition, Garbaruk offers rear derailleur rollers for both types of rear derailleur made of aluminum and double sealed steel bearings for better shifting. Thus, the performance of your mountain bike can be further increased.

Garbaruk Components in Various Colors

The milling art of the Garbaruk brothers is not limited to the quality of the bike components they produce. They also come in different colors, which makes your bike look all the more chic and individual. Thus, Valeriy and Yuriy Garbaruk, who originally developed parts for motorcycles before applying this knowledge to bicycles, offer you more than just components. Be it a blue derailleur cage or a vermilion cassette - your bike will definitely make an impression.

In addition to high-quality Garbaruk Components, which further improve the performance of your bike, BIKE24 offers bike accessories and many other bike parts in the store. This way, you can create your own bike that suits your personal taste and needs.