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Ocún Climbing Shoes: The Perfect Equipment for Summit Stormers

Whether you have the rough rock or the indoor climbing wall under your feet: Ocún climbing shoes and climbing equipment focus on you and your higher goal. With high performance and comfortable design climbing shoes and Ocún crack gloves support you with grip and precision  at every little step. Belts, ropes, express sets and crash pads won’t leave you in limbo – and the sporty, stylish design carries your passion for the vertical path out into the world. Find your perfect Ocún shoes in our BIKE24 online shop.

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Ocún: From the Passion for Climbing

It was the love of rocks that prompted company founder Pavel Hendrych to set up Ocún. The established company has been improving climbing equipment of all kinds since the 1980s. From the first optimised climbing harness to Ocún climbing shoes to the unique boulder mat passion became a resounding business model. To this day, the Czech development team always has its finger on the pulse and contributes with new developments to make climbing and bouldering even more exciting and safer. Responsibility towards climbers allows the company to constantly surpass itself with new technologies for climbing shoes and safety systems.

The Ocún Range – No Limits Getting to the Top

A unique combination of functionality, safety and clear design makes Ocún climbing shoes and clothing top performers. Comfortable handling, perfect fit and stylish outward appearance go hand in hand with all products. The wide range of offers provides something suitable for every climbing discipline. The range includes:


  • Ocún climbing shoes & boulder shoes
  • Ocún crack gloves
  • Ocún climbing trousers

Ocún climbing harnesses, ropes, equipment & crash pads
Climbing shoes, clothing and equipment are perfectly fitted to the needs of natural stone or on the climbing wall. With high demands on environmental friendliness, production processes are strictly controlled and being constantly developed. PFC-free product lines as well as inspected sources of materials for climbing shoes and equipment contribute to product quality according to the highest standards.

Ocún Climbing Shoes

Ocún climbing shoes find support on every step – no matter how small it is. The asymmetrical fit of Ocún climbing shoes and boulder shoes ensures that the shoe fits the foot perfectly and you retain full control of your toes and balls of your feet. Ocún climbing shoes are equipped with pre-tension in the arch of the foot, with which you can transfer the energy to the tips of your toes in the best possible way. This ensures a powerful and precise step when climbing. As unisex models, Ocún climbing shoes are equally suitable for men and women.

Ocún Bouldering Shoes

When climbing without a rope secure adhesion is the be-all and end-all. This is why Ocún bouldering shoes are equipped with a particularly non-slip and adhesive sole as well as a special pre-tension in the arch of the foot. The special 3D tension ensures that Ocún bouldering shoes can anchor themselves powerfully to the ground in the instep and toe area, for toe-hooking. Thanks to the comfortable fit, you can also use Ocún bouldering shoes as climbing shoes, leave them comfortably on your feet during extra-long sessions and ideally fix them before use.

Ocún Climbing Harnesses

Ocún climbing harnesses combine a stylish look with lightness and an extra dose of comfort. The use of flexible, light and breathable materials make these harness systems a comfortable companion, even on long trips. High-quality loops and robust buckles can be precisely adjusted and give you the greatest possible security and comfort in every acrobatic position. Soft and generously cut padding ensures that Ocún climbing harnesses do not cut in, even in the event of a fall.

Ocún Clothing

Not only climbing shoes, but also climbing clothing should support your perfectly on your trips. From Ocún pants and shorts to sports down jackets, with Ocún clothing you’ll find that it comes back from a trip just as unscathed as you do, thanks to its breathable, robust and flexible material properties. The extra-lightweight processing of the clothing and climbing shoes also ensures that you hardly have to transport any additional weight to the summit, apart from your own.

Depending on the weather and climbing area, long pants or Ocún shorts ensure that you can bring all your power to the wall. The ergonomic design, elastic waistband solutions and drawstrings on the leg allow you a long-term excellent fit with that extra dose of comfort. Spacious pockets and practical loops are ideal additions to safely store equipment and have it quickly to hand.

Ocún Climbing Shoes and Climbing Equipment – Go Your Way, with You

With its wide range of climbing shoes, safety systems and climbing clothing, Ocún supports you when bouldering in a hall as well as with multiple rope lengths at the rock face. With specifically tailored technologies, precise fits and high-performance materials Ocún climbing shoes provide you with exactly the right features that are important in your favourite discipline. Find the perfect all-rounder to start with or the state-of-the-art model in the high-performance range in our BIKE24 online shop.