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Ocún Eagle HMS Screw Carabiner - anthracite/red

Ocún Eagle HMS Screw Carabiner - anthracite/red

Light-weight, ergonomic HMS carabiner with screw lock gate and keylock nose.

Eagle is a light-weight HMS carabiner suitable for belaying with a UIAA knot or to be used with belay devices. The ergonomic design enables easy locking with one hand only and comfortable grip. Its shape was designed with the intention to balance weight, strength and size. The profile of the upper part enables reliable and safe manipulation with the rope. 

Features of the Ocun Eagle HMS Screw Carabiner 

  • Circular profile of the upper bend for easier handling of the rope and better cooperation with tubers
  • Large opening  
  • Screw lock gate with keylock nose
  • "Rope friendly" shape to avoid excessive wear of rope
  • Ergonomic body
  • Optimal weight strength and size balance

Fact Sheet of Ocún Eagle HMS Screw Carabiner - anthracite/red

Product Name: Ocún Eagle HMS Screw Carabiner - anthracite/red
Manufacturer: Ocún
Item Code: OCN519855
activity: Climbing
dimensions (l/w/h): 103/75/10mm
gate clearance: 23mm
breaking load longitudinal/cross/open: 25-10-7kN
carabiner version: HMS carabiner
carabiner type: Keylock Nose
carabiner lock: Screw gate
carabiner shape: pear
carabiner/via ferrata version: Carabiner
purpose climbing: Sports Climbing, Indoor Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Multipitch Climbing
Model year: 2023
Collection: Spring/Summer
Color: Grey, Red
weight: 73g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page:
Instruction manual
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