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Prologo - Your Expert for Saddles, Bar Tapes and Gloves with the Highest Possible Quality

Your expert for cycling saddles, grips, handlebar tape and gloves is Prologo from Italy. The high-performance saddles from Prologo are characterized above all by modern materials, innovative technologies and their special functionality. An extensive selection of Prologo road bike and MTB saddles, handlebar grips, handlebar tapes, gloves and other accessories is available in the BIKE24 online store. Are you looking for a Prologo road bike saddle or a Prologo MTB saddle? Then you are right here!

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Prologo Saddles - Italian Perfection for Maximum Performance

To innovate and change the vision of saddles, grips and gloves in the various cycling disciplines, Prologo was founded with a specific goal. The Italians wanted to become the leading manufacturer in the global cycling industry. To achieve this goal, the Italians have gradually built an extensive professional team. This goes to the start in the various disciplines. In close collaboration with the best male and female riders in the cycling industry, the groundbreaking and innovative Prologo saddles and other accessories are developed. No less than Nicolas Vouilloz, Julien Absalon, Team Lapierre Overvolt and other teams and athletes, for example, use and design the Proxim line powered by Prologo. This even acts as their official Enduro World Series and E-Bike Enduro World Series saddle line. 

In this context, the athletes have already achieved numerous, major victories. In addition to victories in races like the Enduro World Series, they have also won Olympic races, World Championships, Tour de France stages or the Giro d'Italia. These victories of the Prologo team constantly motivate the company and its employees. This allows a constant progress that makes the Prologo products better and better.

Prologo Technologies - Why the Italian Saddles are so Popular

The success of the company does not come by chance. The inventive spirit and the constant development of innovative technologies have brought Prologo to where they are today - at the forefront of the bicycle industry in the field of saddles.

Prologo Multi Sector System

Saddles with the MSS system do not consist of a continuous saddle shell, but of individual elements. The separate saddle areas have special anatomical properties and different degrees of hardness. This allows them to support the rider efficiently in the pull and push phases when pedaling.

Prologo Connect Power Control System

Prologo's patented CPC - Connected Power Control system is also used in Formula 1 and military. It guarantees high performance and maximum comfort by providing high vibration damping, plenty of grip and positional stability. The nanostructure of the unique conical and hollow 3D plastic allows to reduce the temperature in the contact zone with the saddle by increasing the air flow. When placed wisely, the CPC system protects muscles, tendons and soft tissues from stresses generated by the road. CPC is the epitome of performance and comfort and is used by the best top teams and athletes in the world in all sports.

Prologo Perineal Area System

The PAS system from Prologo is designed to relieve pressure. When driving pressure peaks are eliminated and the blood flow is promoted, so as to be able to call more power. For this Prologo saddles are hollowed out in selected places, for example, to provide soft tissue more space.