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Q36.5 Cycling Clothing – Innovation and Quality for Bike Sports

In the midst of the beautiful nature of South Tyrol, the innovative cycling clothing of Q36.5 is created. Design, quality, development, sustainability and performance orientation are the cornerstones of Q36.5 to create technically sophisticated clothing for bike sports enthusiasts. From the timelessly elegant Q36.5 jersey to winter bib shorts for icy gravel adventures, the all-encompassing high-end range leaves nothing to be desired. Immerse yourself in a world where Italian chic meets futuristic technologies and passion and discover what makes Q36.5 so unique.

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What Is Special about Q36.5?

Redefining cycling clothing – that's what Q36.5, founded by Luigi Bergamo, former head of the research/development department at ASSOS, has made its mission. Where Bergamo and therefore also the brand comes from is clear: from research and innovation. The central brand core is anchored in the name. The "Q" stands for "quaerere", which means "to explore". The number focuses on the optimal body temperature: athletes can perform at their best at 36.5 degrees. Regardless of the weather, season, training and region, the clothing should support you in the best possible way.

As a relatively young brand founded in 2013, Bergamo has taken the market by storm with Q36.5 and sets new standards in terms of performance and comfort. No wonder, because all employees live and work for their great passion: road cycling.

Top Technologies for Top Performance – Optimization down to the Last Detail

Q36.5 has its origins in research and the range convincingly demonstrates this. The brand concentrates on the essentials when developing cycling clothing and does without anything that does not fulfil a clear function. Thus, the collection is also compact and convinces with a few, but technically impressive key features:

  • Lumbar Support System: An x-shaped piece of fabric used in Q36.5 bib shorts to support the lumbar and gluteal muscles and promote correct posture. Ultimately, this technology prevents premature fatigue.
  • Super Moulded seat pad: the three-dimensional padding corresponds to the human anatomy in the best possible way and offers excellent comfort, even during long rides.
  • Pre-shaped Fit: is the fit of the Q36.5 clothing, ensuring a perfect fit just when you get into the riding position.
    With these high-end features, Q36.5 is aimed at advanced male and female road cyclists who want to get the most out of their performance.

The Temperature System

The Q36.5 product range offers you the perfect clothing, no matter when and in which weather you are on the road. For winter (temperatures between -5 and 5 degrees) and autumn (6 to 15 degrees), Q36.5 has jerseys with short or long sleeves and long cycling shorts. The spring (15 to 24 degrees) and summer (above 24 degrees) collections include Q36.5 cycling shorts, short-sleeved jerseys and thermoregulating clothing for extremely high temperatures. The goal always remains the same: To keep your body temperature as stable as possible at 36.5 degrees so that you can get the best out of yourself.

Q36.5 Jerseys – An Unbeatable Combination of Performance and Style

Q36.5 jerseys fit like a second skin and combine some incredible features in just a few square centimetres. Without exception, all the brand's cycling jerseys are designed for top performance and offer a perfect combination of light weight, breathability and aerodynamic efficiency. Pure understatement or fancy bike fashion – with the Q36.5 jersey collection you have the free choice. Whether you're a professional athlete or an avid hobbyist, Q36.5 jerseys offer an unbeatable combination of performance and style to take your biking experience to the next level.

Q36.5 Cycling Wear for Women

The women's collection offers a wide range of innovative products. For example, the seat pad of the Q36.5 Bib Shorts is specially developed for women. The foam has a high density in the front area and flexibility and breathability in the back area. This ensures optimal comfort even on long rides. And that's not all: thanks to the latest 4D printing technology, the product developers around Luigi Bergamo have succeeded in bringing a women's bike jersey with an integrated protective layer onto the market.

Unique Cycling Bib Shorts and Gloves

The Unique collection by Q36.5 includes high-end cycling bib shorts and gloves that are also made with state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials.

The Unique cycling shorts are the first ergonomic, seamless, three-dimensional cycling bib shorts on the market and a real flagship for the brand. It is developed in a three-dimensional structure and comes completely without seams. No tension, no wrinkles, but pure aerodynamics with an absolutely comfortable second-skin feeling.

In the Q36.5 gloves, the EIT palm ensures optimal blood circulation and comfortable support, despite the often stiff posture in cycling. At the same time, they bring grip and breathability.

Sustainable and Hyperlocal

Q36.5 attaches great importance to sustainability. They produce "hyperlocally", i.e. within a radius of 350 km around their hometown of Bolzano in South Tyrol. Only there does Q36.5 develop the technologies, source the materials and manufacture the garments for cycling.

The company focuses on high-quality for maximum performance and durability. It also uses 100 % recycled materials. The South Tyroleans focus on limited editions and thus manage to reduce the impact on the planet to a minimum.

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